Unlock Smarter Communication with Mitel Choice

In a world where connectivity is paramount, seamless business communication is at the heart of success. Mitel Choice offers unified communication solutions to provide customizable, flexible, and infinitely scalable communication infrastructure. Businesses can choose on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions based on their scope of work. Mitel Choice empowers users to handpick features and functionality required to align their operational cadence. Why Choose Mitel?

Flexible communication architecture

Mitel offers the freedom to deploy UC solutions on a private cloud or a data center, on a public cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.). Users can also opt for an off-the-shelf UCaaS solution while managing further growth with the cloud.

Mitel Choice Solution Brief

Enhance productivity

Enable consistent collaboration and communication among different types of employees. Mitel offers an omnichannel customer experience by facilitating seamless communication between contact center staff and the rest of your employees.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Easily Integrate telephony with Microsoft Teams while maintaining your calling functionality and devices with cloud migration. Mitel supports legacy infrastructure and ensures compatibility with analog and fixed devices.

Why Mitel?

Mitel powering connections in Healthcare 

Mitel's healthcare solutions transcend the future of healthcare with its swift solution and connected experience between the patient and doctors.

Mitel in healthcare is a lifesaver. Real-time monitoring and remote consultations powered by Mitel technology are revolutionizing patient care. In critical health condition cases, swift response and continuous monitoring are able to save lives. Doctors can communicate, consult, and stay updated from anywhere, while patients share vital information from home. Mitel is the link connecting healthcare to cutting-edge technology and life-saving innovations.

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