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CATx Tools

Crimp tools, termination kits, connectors, and all the tools you need to terminate CATx cable.


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TAA Compliance


All-in-One Modular Crimp Tool


Install modular plugs on UTP and telephone cable.

EZ Stix


Pull cable with ease.

EZ Stix


Pull cable with ease.

Crimp Tool (Frame Only)


Take the strain out of cable crimps. This tool’s designed with your comfort in mind.

Crimp Tool RJ-11/-12 WE/SS Die Set


Terminate RJ-11 cable.

V.35 and M/50 Crimp Tool


For custom pinning V.35 and M/50 connectors.

D-Style Pin Insertion/Extraction Tool


The perfect choice for pinning D-Style connectors.

Punchdown Tool (Handle Only)


Accepts all manufacturers’ twist-and-lock-style blades.

Punchdown Tool with 110 Blade and Light Pack


Shed some light when shadow punching.

110 Blade for Punchdown Tool


Make 110 terminations in the wiring closet.

66 Blade for Punchdown Tool


Use for 66-type wiring block terminations.

Universal RJ Crimp Tool


The versatile tool for RJ crimping.

Universal RJ Tool Kit


The most versatile tool kit for all your modular RJ crimping.

Universal RJ Crimp Tool Replacement Blade Set


Replacement Blades for the Universal RJ Crimp Tool

Universal RJ Crimp Tool Replacement Die Sets, RJ-22 4-Position


Replacement dies for the Universal RJ Crimp Tool

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STEP 1. Carefully remove the jacketing from the cable.