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Video Splitters

Broadcast to multiple displays with one signal.

A fast way to divide signal types without sacrificing quality. Black Box Video Splitters enable you to split and distribute the same signal source to different display devices simultaneously.

Easy setup

In most cases, you connect the video cables, power up your system, and you're ready to start duplicating images for multiple monitors or displays.

Many options to meet your application requirements

The number of outputs on the splitter determines the number of display devices. You also have the option to combine different displays. For example, take video from one source and display it to a TV, monitor, and projector.

Lossless compression

In some cases, splitters buffer output and drive signals extra distances without any loss. So they, in essence, function as video extenders too.

Increased security

Video splitters are a great choice for splitting signals in applications, from retail to corporate settings, where you want to keep source equipment in a secure area.



Split DVI signal to multiple displays without sacrificing quality.
Split HDMI signal to multiple displays without distortion.
Split and distribute AV signals to multiple display devices simultaneously.