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Control Room KVM

Increase efficiency, collaboration, and security in the control room.

Black Box high-performance Control Room KVM solutions make it easy for control room operators access all mission-critical systems from their workspace. They’ll benefit with an improved user experience and workflow, improved collaboration and decision making, resulting in smoother operations and faster issue resolution.

High-performance KVM for control rooms also enables reduced CapEx by enabling shared access to expensive computing resources or software applications. IT security and maintenance is also improved by having all critical computing assets in a secure location that can be access by technicians without disrupting control room personnel.

Control Room KVM solutions are ideal for use in:

  • Broadcast live production and post production
  • Military command and control centers
  • 9-1-1 and Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCC)
  • Emergency operations centers (EOC)
  • Industrial control rooms
  • Transportation control rooms
  • Traffic management centers
  • Security operations centers (SOC)

Black Box KVM solutions will enable control room operators to:

  • Quickly access mission-critical systems from any user console
  • Simultaneously operate in secure and unsecure domains from a single desktop
  • Instantly switch to hot standby machines
  • Remotely operate from back-up control rooms
  • Use unique and advanced control devices and peripherals connected by USB
  • Migrate servers from analog (VGA) to digital (DVI, DisplayPort) video interfaces
  • Access physical and virtual machines through a single KVM environment
4K KVM over IP Switch
Emerald KVM over IP allows remote access to multiple PCs and servers as well as virtual machines. DisplayPort and DVI video and USB 2.0 signal distribution over IP.
IP-Based KVM
Provide connectivity over an IP network for control room operators to access and share remotely-located mission-critical computing equipment.
Digital KVM Matrix Switch
Provide connectivity over a dedicated switching system for control room operators to access and share remotely-located mission-critical computing equipment.
MultiView KVM
View and access multiple computers on a single screen with full KVM control.
KM Switches
Create a seamless multi-monitor, multi-OS, single keyboard desktop with the ability to instantaneously switch between separate computers by moving the mouse cursor from monitor to monitor.