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 Copper Patch Panels

Choose Black Box Connect CAT5e and CAT6 patch panels to complete your unshielded copper channel. You'll get a cost-effective, value-priced solution that's completely tested and guaranteed for two years. Choose from 24-port 1U and 48-port 2U panels.

CAT5e Patch Panels

If you’re looking for value-priced rackmount CAT5e unshielded patch panels, we have what you need. Black Box Connect’s cost effective solution for 24 port and 48 port patch panels provide a variety of options, which are lower in price but not lower in quality. Both come with a two-year warranty.

CAT6 Patch Panels

When you want a cost-effective CAT6 channel solution, take a look at Black Box Connect CAT6 patch panels. Choose from 1U 24-port or 2U 48-port patch panels that are fully tested and compliant with all industry standards. Both come with a two-year warranty.

Jacks Patch Panels Access
Junction panels, hinge kits, and port locks to complete your installation. 
Jacks Patch Panels Rackmount
Choose from feed-through, multimedia, and punch-down CATx shielded and unshielded panels. 
Jacks Patch Panels Wallmount
Mount CAT5e and CAT6 panels directly on the wall where it's convenient for you. 
Jacks Patch Panels Wiring Blocks
Install new CATx cabling and handle subsequent moves and changes