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Ethernet Bulk Cable: CAT5e & CAT6

Black Box Connect is the smart choice when price matters most. Use Black Box Connect solid bulk Ethernet cable when you need general-purpose CAT5e cable and CAT6 cable for everyday network connections and temporary networks. Choose 100-MHz CAT5e cable with PVC jackets or 250-MHz CAT6 cable with PVC or plenum jackets. The bulk network backbone cable comes in 1,000 foot pull boxes and is available in six colors. Best of all, you won't sacrifice quality. All Black Box Connect CAT5e and CAT6 cables are fully tested, meet all standards and come with a two-year warranty. 

CAT5e Cables

When price matters, choose Black Box Connect solid bulk CAT5e Ethernet cable. You'll get fully tested twisted-pair backbone cable with a two-year warranty. Our CAT5e cables have a 2-year warranty and are available in blue, gray, green, red, white and yellow. Get the CAT5e cable you need when you need it. Black Box Connect cable is in stock and ready to ship.  

CAT6 Cables

When you want quality, value-priced CAT6 cable, take a look at Black Box Connect Ethernet cable. This 250-MHz backbone cable is in stock and ready to be shipped. This bulk cable comes in 1000-foot pull boxes, six colors and with PVC or plenum jackets. You'll get guaranteed performance. All cable is tested, meets all industry standards and comes with a two-year warranty. Quickly find the exact cable you need with the handy online Cable Selector.

Black Box Connect
When price matters most, choose this value-rated CAT5e and CAT6 bulk Ethernet cable with a two-year warranty.  
High-Performance Cables
One of the largest selections in the industry of shielded and unshielded, solid and stranded CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6A Ethernet cable. High Performance Cables are ETL verified and ideal for use in network and HDBaseT applications.