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Network and Server Cabinets

Find the right cabinet for your data center, telecom room, branch office, and small office. Choose from a wide variety of cabinets including our premier Elite, Select Plus, climate-controlled, and seismic models.

Choose from full-size freestanding cabinets to space-saving wallmount cabinets for smaller installations. Cabinets range in size from 6U to 45U, can hold up to 2500 pounds, and ship assembled or flat-packed, depending on the model. All offer a multitude of options including doors, panels, fans, and more. Extra deep and wide cabinets are designed to hold servers. 

Choose Elite™ Cabinets for networking cabinets built to your specs and shipped in only two business days. Select and Select Plus Cabinets have the features you want in an enclosure that’s fully assembled and solid.
For small installations, save space by mounting equipment on the wall. These compact 4U-10U wallmount cabinets hold up to 50 pounds and have door hinges that reverse left or right to accommodate cramped spaces.