Resilient, Secure IT for Trusted, Seamless Financial Services 

Successful communications in the financial industry rest upon the right mix of foundational technologies and services that streamline processes, secure data, ensure resiliency, and increase customer satisfaction. Integrated IT and services will help you meet the ever-increasing demand for reliable, instantaneous communications everywhere from branch offices with limited IT staff to large international headquarters.


Navigating DORA Compliance for EU Financial Institutions

With the January 17, 2025 deadline looming, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) demands urgent action from banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and ICT service providers in the European Union. Facing the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, it is critical to enhance resilience, ensuring robust defense and recovery mechanisms safeguard service integrity and client data security.

Watch an insightful webinar from Hammer and Black Box, designed to help you prepare for the DORA Act. Learn from experts as we delve into testing the operational resilience of your ICT systems and building robust testing frameworks tailored to the needs of the financial sector.

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Exceeding Expectations with Innovation, Technology, and Service

From personal face-to-face interactions to lightning-fast digital transactions, customers of every size expect you to make it easy to conduct business and to protect their sensitive information. How successful you are depends on having a trusted digital partner with deep experience in designing, deploying, and managing complex communications systems, at one site or hundreds of sites, for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Foundational Technologies that Define and Redefine the Financial Experience

Financial institutions touch people’s lives every day. Foundational technologies have the power to shape those interactions, change how and where we do business, and ultimately define the customer and employee experience. From in-house wayfinding and customer announcements to complex networks with worldwide reach, from wireless to the backbone of your network, foundational technologies and services from Black Box solve current business challenges and position you for future growth.

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Enhancing the Digital Experience with Leading IT Solutions & Products

The right technology can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your customer's data and your network. You've come to the right place for specialized and certified secure KVM and KM switches that meet standards and give you no-worry security. Fortify your infrastructure with fiber and locking Ethernet cables, custom-made secure cables, and locked cabinets and enclosures, and more.

Customer Success Stories

When our customers succeed, we succeed, even in the most challenging environments and circumstances. See how in these success stories.

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Why Black Box?

There are remarkable times in the world of finance IT innovation and digital transformation. IT has the power to accelerate success and improve the customer and user experience from the headquarters down to hundreds or thousands of branch offices. From cybersecurity and risk mitigation to operational efficiency and improved user experiences, Black Box is the trusted partner for financial institutions around the world.

Our worldwide team of more than 2,700 technical experts had helped global financial orgaqnizations respond, retool, and reimagine their businesses from the ATM on the street to behind-the-scenes IT support and technologies that deliver critical, uninterrupted services day after day.

When you team with Black Box, your team with our partners, leaders world-class communications technologies, and equipment. With the right mix of secure technology products, systems, and services, we'll develop a plan of action for your specific applications and goals.

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