CATx Cable Selector

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Cabling is one of the most important components of your network. Choosing the right cabling can be a daunting proposition as we move forward to 10-/40-/100-Gbps, even 1 TB networks. You have to consider many factors including cost, mobility, convergence, and even applications that haven't been developed yet. Our CATx Cable Selector Guide will help you select the right CATx patch or bulk cable for your application.

Patch Cables

Boot StyleFrequencyShieldedUnshieldedShieldedUnshieldedShieldedUnshielded
Basic Connectors100-MHz CAT5EPC-B    
250-MHz   CAT6PC-B  
350-MHz EVNSL5    
550-MHz   EVNSL62  
Molded400-MHz  EVNSL060xMS   
Molded Snagless100-MHz CAT5EPC    
250-MHz   CAT6PC  
SlimLine Molded Snagless550-MHz    CAT6APCSCAT6APC
Snagless350-MHz EVNSL8 (1:1)Price Drop    
350-MHz EVCRB8 (Crossover)    
550-MHz   EVNSL64Price Drop  
Snagless 28AWG
250-MHz   C6PC28  
500-MHz     C6APC28
Snagless Lockable100-MHzC5EPC70S     
250-MHz  C6PC70S   
350-MHz C5EPC70    
550-MHz   C6PC70  
650-MHz    C6APC80S 

* Price reduction applies only to EVNSL80 and EVNSL640

Bulk Cables

Boot StyleFrequencyShieldedUnshieldedShieldedUnshieldedShieldedUnshielded
Solid Plenum250-MHz   C6-CMP-SLD  
400-MHz  EVNSL061XA   
550-MHz   EYN86xB-PB-1000-PLNM  
650-MHz    C6ABC51SC6ABC51
Solid PVC100-MHz C5E-CM-SLD    
250-MHz   C6-CM-SLD  
400-MHz  EVNSL060XA   
550-MHz   EYN86xA-PB-1000-PVC  
650-MHz    C6ABC50SC6ABC50
Stranded PVC250-MHz  EVNSL0272xx-1000   
350-MHz EVNSL08XA    
550-MHz   EVNSL064xA  

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