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Cashing in on IT Solutions

The correct mix of IT products and solutions in the retail industry helps to improve efficiency, drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. With greater emphasis on speed, flexibility and seamless functionality, retailers are implementing wireless networks that:

  • insure positive customer experiences
  • accommodate mobile purchasing applications
  • offer secure data tracking and networks, and
  • support advanced functionality

One IT Source for All of Your Stores

Black Box helps retailers find the right balance of products and services to drive positive point-of-sale and computer-based sales outcomes. With more than 4,000 team members and 200 offices in 150 countries, Black Box has the expertise to design and integrate technology for local and national retail roll outs. 

We also deliver technology that helps strengthen operations both internally and with suppliers. Our team of experts works with retail customers to maximize positive results using the latest technology, and can work with you to identify ways to optimize your network to differentiate your offerings in a very competitive industry.

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Minimize disruption to stores while accelerating project success.



Plan and execute an IT road map that improves efficiency while driving customer satisfaction.



Balance greater efficiency and customer satisfaction in your contact centers.

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