Cashing in on Digital Transformation

As digital transformation continues to shape retail, competition for customers will be won by those who create and integrate a seamless online engagement with a dynamic in-store customer experience. Retailers are leveraging intelligent edge technology as a critical component of the in-store experience. Focusing on the customer journey enables you to: improve loyalty through personalized shopping, increase customer engagement, improve sales and wayfinding and increase personal attention at the point-of-sale.

We can help you create intelligent retail spaces by first building a digital network and then applying Promote-Find-Purchase solutions. We then ensure a uniform customer experience across all of your locations quickly and effectively with national and global rollouts.

Cash In On Our Success

Black Box is the trusted digital partner in retail transformation. As consumers shop for everything from food and clothing to appliances and cars, the customer experience is being revolutionized by technology and expectations are changing. We can help you meet those expectations.

Building Communications Infrastructure From the Ground Up

Black Box has the ability to build a complete communications infrastructure from the ground up, with the expertise necessary to support both simple and complex working environments ranging from small systems to 80,000+ users. We hold the highest level of partnership status with a wide variety of communications manufacturers to ensure we can deliver best-of-breed solutions to our customers. In addition, we offer exceptional products which integrate well with existing systems and offer significant scalability.
Black Box - Retail

The Digital Transformation of Retail
What does the future hold in store for retail?

Black Box - Retail

Intelligent Retail Spaces
Add value at every step of the buying process in your intelligent retail space.

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Elevating the customer experience
Learn how intelligent Retail Spaces increases customer engagement, generate sales, and differentiate valued brands among customers.

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