Top 10 TPS Blog Posts for 2022

Last year, our readers looked to for cutting-edge Technology Product Solutions (TPS) blogs. Thanks to all our readers over the past year who visited our blogs. Here's a list, in descending order, of our top ten most popular blog posts in 2022.

10. Beyond Cybersecurity: What is Information Assurance?

Cybersecurity tactics guard your internet connections against unwanted intruders. Information assurance (IA) goes one step further to better protect the systems and data within your network. Many types of information assurance (IA) standards exist: In this blog, we describe IA provisions and what each means for your secure network. Learn more.

9. How 4K Video Improves Your User Experience

With the prices of 4K monitors coming down, you may notice that a lot more users are migrating to a 4K screen. When selecting a 4K resolution, you want to know what will work for you. In this blog, we explain why an Ultra Wide monitor is usually your best fit. Learn more.

8. Glide and Switch: Simplifying Your Workspace with a KM Switch

What if you could have just 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, and still control multiple systems on an extended desktop? Learn how a keyboard and mouse switch using glide-and-switch technology can simplify your workspace and improve operator efficiency. Learn more.

7. What is the Difference Between CAT5 and CAT5e

Even older technology, like CAT5 and CAT5e cable, still attracts our users' interest. The number #7 most read blog of 2022 piqued your curiosity last year. Learn more.

For an update on the latest CATx standards, read Blog #2, CAT6A and Beyond Cabling Explained, here, or this comprehensive Black Box Explains article, 6 Things to Consider When Choosing CATx Ethernet Cables, here.

6. What is an HDMI Matrix Switcher and How Does it Work?

An HDMI matrix switcher is a device that allows the central distribution and control of multiple digital and analog HDMI AV signals from one location. These devices simplify the routing of AV signals from a range of input sources, such as PCs, Blu-ray players and surveillance cameras, to one or more output sources, such as TVs, monitors and projectors. Learn more:

5. Understanding MTP/MPO Fiber Trunk Cables

While fiber has been used for a long time in data centers, connectivity has changed. This blog explains how MTP/MPO fiber connectivity is used today in the data center. Learn more.

4. USB Standards: All You Need to Know

Knowing the USB standard supported by your devices will help you set your performance expectations. This article explains the transfer speed and design of each USB standard. Learn more.

3. Understanding Fiber Cable and Connector Colors

The colors of fiber cabling and its components play a major part in your installation and understanding how everything goes together. Under normal circumstances, product colors don't affect the product's performance or function, but do provide a good way to identify the type of the product in general. Learn more.

2. CAT6A and Beyond Cabling Explained

What are the benefits of using CAT6A Cable? When should I use CAT7 or CAT8 cable instead of CAT6A? Find out here.

1. Faster. Farther. Better. The Evolution of 802.11

This blog deciphers the alphabet soup of the most common IEEE 802.11 standards and describe how they have evolved over the years and what standards your enterprise needs to enable digital transformation. Learn more.

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