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Precautions to Take When Using Fiber

A few properties particular to fiber optic cable can cause problems if you aren’t careful during installation: 

Intrinsic power loss — As the optic signal travels through the fiber core, the signal inevitably loses some speed through absorption, reflection, and scattering. This problem is easy to manage by making sure your splices are good and your connections are clean. 

Microbending — Microbends are minute deviations in fiber caused by excessive bends, pinches, and kinks. Using cable with reinforcing fibers and other special manufacturing techniques minimizes this problem. 

Connector loss — Connector loss occurs when two fiber segments are misaligned. This problem is commonly caused by poor splicing. Scratches and dirt introduced during the splicing process can also cause connector loss. 

Coupling loss — Similar to connector loss, coupling loss results in reduced signal power and is from poorly terminated connector couplings. Remember to be careful and use common sense when installing fiber cable. Use clean components. Keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Don’t pull the cable excessively or bend it too sharply around corners.