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Workspace Reconfiguration: Remote and Expansion Solutions

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Working from Home - The Black Box Bag of Technology Tricks

More people are working from home than ever before because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has caused plenty of issues for IT departments and other employees. In recent weeks, many of our customers have asked us to help them solve problems ranging from “simple” home office and desktop connectivity issues to complex remote computer access in critical infrastructures, such as hospitals or control rooms.

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Office Reconfiguration and Expansion Solutions

Office environments will need to expand and reconfigure to keep employees safe in a post-pandemic state. Black Box has the solutions your workplace needs for reconfiguration and expansion across buildings and campuses.

KVX Series KVM Extenders

Extend desktop spaces outward into secluded office environments, in the case employees are separated in the office for social distancing.

Compact Matrix Switching

Connect up to 30 users and computers with the DCX compact matrix switching system.

Emerald® KVM Matrix Switching over IP

Connect users with remote physical or virtual machines.

Freedom II Glide and Switch KM Switch

Glide and Switch technology provides seamless keyboard and mouse operations across up to four separate PCs.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature, water, smoke, remote door access, and more. AlertWerks also features SMS, email, and SNMP alerts.

Video Adapter and Cables

Connect monitors, TVs, Blu-ray™ players, media streamers, AV switchers and extenders. Select from our broad adapter and cable portfolio.

PoE Gigabit Ethernet Injector

Simplify the installation of Wi-Fi access points in your home with this POE injector.

Climate Cabinet

Climate-controlled protection enables you to install servers and other equipment in any remote environment without additional cooling or costly infrastructure.

Remote Workplace Solutions

Many employees will continue to work remotely from their main offices in a post-pandemic world. Black Box has the solutions you need to bring your in-office workspace to any remote environment.

Desktop KVM Switches

Connect multiple desktop and laptop computers and control them with a single keyboard and mouse.

Wizard IP DXS IP Gateway

Provides an individual working remotely with full access to their PC(s) back in their office.

Emerald Remote App KVM Software

Leverage the power of your Emerald KVM Matrix by accessing sources from your Windows 10 laptop.

USB-C Docking Station Bundles

Bundles include USB-C and CAT6 cables and video dongles to connect any monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other USB peripherals through a single USB-C port.

Portable 5-Port Ethernet Switch

Add five ports to your home LAN. The switch can be powered from a single USB port.

Wireless Broadband Router

Adds local wireless connectivity to your home

Serial Console Servers

Troubleshoot, reconfigure, reboot, and re-image switches, routers, and servers remotely over wireless or IP networks.

CAT5e/6/6a Network Cables

Premium cabling for all switching, monitoring, extension, PoE, and remote networking needs.


The Bright Side

With people and businesses around the globe facing unprecedented challenges, Black Box wants to shine a light on the exceptional things our clients and team members are accomplishing.

A major television network called Black Box to help them connect their Emerald® KVM system to a disaster recovery site that has another manufacturer’s discontinued KVM system installed. The Black Box system engineering team worked with the customer’s network team and was able to make the connection, allowing the network’s employees to access the DR site’s system over the WAN and across the internet from multiple locations.

A leading manufacturer of graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system-on-a-chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market, needed to quickly support remote workers as they faced the shut-down of their development offices and labs. They turned to the Emerald KVM system, and the Remote App specifically, to support remote server work and deliver the high-quality user experience required.

At Black Box, we turned to our own technology to enable system testing of new products by R&D team members working from home. The Emerald KVM system is being used to control internal servers and devices remotely over WANs across the VPNs. Specifically, R&D staff members are using Emerald Receivers and the Windows Remote Access App to connect remotely. This gives the development and system test teams everything they need for complete control of the target servers and attached devices.


Purchasing and Support

Black Box has a global team of skilled technicians ready to help you select and configure products to enable your employees to work remotely.

For additional information, questions, or purchasing inquiries, complete the Rapid Response Form and a member of our dedicated team will reach out to you shortly.

For any other issues, questions, or to speak with someone urgently, our specialists at Black Box can be reached at:

Customer Service

[email protected]

Technical Support

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Global Solutions Integrated

The Black Box Global Solutions Integration (GSI) business focuses on industry-specific designs, global deployment, managed services, wireless/mobility, UC&C and structured cabling solutions at the intelligent digital edge.

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