In a fast-paced and high-stakes railways environment, secure 24/7 monitoring, control, and management of computer systems and peripheral devices are essential. Black Box product solutions address the unique needs of railway operations. Network operations, traffic management, and surveillance solutions, as well as signage solutions benefit both control room operators and passengers.

Our control room solutions provide unmatched visualization, and instant access to real-time signal data and emergency services for operators in railway traffic control centers. Ensuring real-time visibility of the entire ecosystem helps operators to quickly identify problems and act fast to keep critical systems running uninterrupted.

Railway personnel and passengers alike enjoy reduced maintenance, better quality, and lower costs from our reliable, easy-to-install systems.


Features & Benefits

Visualize & Collaborate for Fast Action

Digital signage, video wall, and KVM solutions relay information about emergencies, delays, and schedule changes in real-time to control room operators and railway travelers.

Top-Notch Security

KVM systems guard your operators and secure your equipment against intrusion so your staff and passengers stay safe.

Monitor and Control Railway Systems in Real-Time

Keep tabs on your remote equipment with IoT and KVM monitoring, control, and management.

Save Space and Optimize Processes

Organize your control room and railway operations with ergonomic, reliable, and secure equipment.

Works in Extreme Environments

Overcome the challenge of temperature variations in outdoor railway stations and other locations.

Prepare for the Future

Our futureproof solutions solve your railway transportation problems both today and tomorrow.


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