Instantaneous HD and 4K KVM matrix switching for mission-critical installations

The DKM FX system enables flexible, instantaneous, and reliable matrix switching and extension of high-quality video, audio, and peripheral signals. Choose from chassis-based, modular KVM matrix switches in multiple sizes, compact CATx and fiber switches, and DKM extenders. The proprietary signal transmission architecture of DKM matrix switches make them particularly well suited for mission-critical installations as their multi-level redundancy offers the highest reliability for 24/7 operation.

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DKM Benefits

Keep Your Customers  Informed
Highly Reliable

DKM is designed to perform at the highest standards, engineered for enterprise-level, mission-critical, 24/7 operations, such as in control rooms.

Flexible by Design
Designed to Perform

Zero keyboard/mouse latency and instant switching between sources enable multi-user access in real-time for the most demanding applications such as video editing.

Variety of Interface Cards

Supports I/O card-based high-speed USB, audio, serial, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA, and other digital and analog standards.

Modular and Scalable

The modular architecture provides an easy way to add connections and change inputs/outputs as enterprise needs arise. Modular chassis available up to 576 ports (cascadable).

Complete Control
Extended Management Options

The included control card supports user-friendly management via KVM, network or serial console. Combine with Boxilla® KVM Manager to connect to an IP-based Emerald® KVM system.

Fast Transmissions
Mixed Transmission Media

Switch to and between CATx and fiber connections. Mix media on inputs and outputs, CATx in and fiber out, or vice versa.

DKM Features

  • Modular, Flexible KVM Matrix Switching
    Choose from modular or compact chassis and extenders, and add I/O cards that match your application requirements.

  • Dynamic I/O Ports for CATx or Fiber Cabling
    Enables mixing and matching of copper and fiber cabling to meet distance and media requirements

  • HD and 4K at 60 Hz Video Support
    Supports routing, switching, and multi-point distribution of various video, audio, and peripheral signal types

  • Instantaneous Video Switching
    Instant, delay-free switching between multiple connected source computers for efficient multiuser access.

Solution Diagrams


DKM Matrix Switching Application

Basic matrix switching setup, connecting multiple user stations and source computers through a DKM matrix switch and DKM extenders.


Connecting DKM with Boxilla and Emerald

Integrating DKM with Boxilla and Emerald to gain access to an IP-based KVM system and virtual machines.

DKM Product Portfolio

DKM Extender Configurator

Modular DKM Extenders

Modular DKM Extenders provide the widest range of possible interface combinations, which makes it easy to customize the signal extension for your specific application.

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