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Easy USB Connectivity

USB (Universal Serial Bus) gives you easy, plug-and-play connectivity. There's no configuration. No rebooting. And no power worries—USB supplies the power. Best of all, USB is universal. Almost every device today has a USB port. Use these handy charts to quickly find the right USB device for your application.

USB Connectors

usb 1.1 and 2.0 type a iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 type b iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 mini a iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 type a iconusb 3.0 type a iconusb 3.0 type b iconusb 3.0 mini b iconusb-c
1.1 and 2.0 Type A1.1 and 2.0 Type B1.1 and 2.0 Mini A1.1 and 2.0 Mini B3.0 Type A3.0 Type B3.0 Mini BUSB C

USB Extenders

Extend USB peripherals, including printers, scanners, white boards, and touch screens, up to 10 km.

USB TypeMax SpeedRemote Hub PortsDistance SupportedConnectivityItem #
1.1, 2.012 Mbps185 mCATxIC101A
1.1, 2.012 Mbps285 mCATxIC282A
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps1100 mCATxIC280A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps1100 mCATxIC401A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps2100 mCATxIC402A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4100 mCATxIC400A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4500 mMultimode FiberIC404A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps410 kmSingle-mode FiberIC406A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4100 mCATx/LANIC408A-R2
3.05 Gbps2100 mMultimode FiberIC502A-R2
3.1, 2.0, 1.15 Gbps4100 mCATxICU504A
3.1, 2.0, 1.15 Gbps4200 mMultimode FiberICU544A

USB Hubs

USB TypePortsMax. SpeedClass 1 / Div. 2Industrial GradeItem #
1.1, 2.04480 Mbps  IC147A-R3
1.1, 2.04480 Mbps ICI104A
1.1, 2.04480 MbpsICI200A
1.1, 2.04 with Isolation480 MbpsICI202A
1.1, 2.07480 MbpsICI207A
USB-CDocking Station:
(3) USB 3.0 A, (1) HDMI, (1) RJ45 LAN,
(1) Micro SDX, (1) SD/MMCX, (1) USB-C
5 GbpsUSBC2000

USB Converters

Bridge the gap between incompatible interfaces.

USB TypePortsRS-232RS-422/RS-485RS-232/ 422/485Max. Speed (Kbps)Class 1 / Div. 2Item #
1.11  115 IC199A-R4
1.11  230 IC1000A
1.11  921 IC266A
1.12  921 IC1020A
1.14  460 IC1027A
1.14  921 IC1022A
1.18  460 IC1023A
1.18  921 IC1025A

USB Cables

USB makes connectivity incredibly easy.

USB TypeEnd Type 1End Type 2LengthOtherItem #
2Type AType B0.9 m USB05-0003
2Type AType B1.8 m USB05-0006
2Type AType B3.0 m USB05-0010
2Type AType B3.9 m USB05-0013
2Type AType B4.5 m USB05-0015
2Type A MType A F0.9 m USB05E-0003
2Type A MType A F1.8 m USB05E-0006
2Type A MType A F3.0 m USB05E-0010
2Type AType Mini B1.8 m USB06-0006
2Type BType B4.9 m USB08-0016
2Type A Male, Right AngleType A Female1.2 m USBR08-0004
2Type AType A4.8 mActive cable.
Daisy chain up to 4 cables.
3Type A MaleType B Male1.8 m USB30-0006-MM
3Type A MaleType B Male3.0 m USB30-0010-MM
3Type A FemaleType A Male15.0 mActive extension cableUSB3ACE-15M
3.1Type C MaleRJ-4520 cmGigabit adapterVA-USBC31-RJ45
3.1Type C MaleDisplayPort 1.2 Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-DP12
3.1Type C MaleDVI-D Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-DVID
3.1Type C MaleVGA Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-VGA
3.1Type C MaleHDMI 1.4 Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-HDMI4K
3.13.1 Type C Male3.0 Type A Female15 cmAdapterUSB3C
3.1Type C MaleType C Male1 m10 GbpsUSB3C10G-1M
3.1Type C MaleType A Male1 m5 GbpsUSB3C-1M
3.1Type C Male3.0 Micro B1 m5 GbpsUSB3C5G-1M
3.1Type C Male3.0 Type B Male1 m USB3CB-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Micro1 m USBC2MICRO-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Micro2 m USBC2MICRO-2M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Mini B2 m USBC2MINI-2M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Type B Male1 m USBC2TYPEB-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Type B male2 m USBC2TYPEB-2M

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