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Education Digital Signage

A robust, easy-to-use digital signage system not only makes the university, college or K–12 campus safer with emergency notifications but can improve faculty, staff and student communication when everyone contributes and participates. The Black Box iCOMPEL® system makes it easy to create digital signage that informs, engages, helps with wayfinding and promotes campus safety.

  • Enables contribution from anyone you authorize
  • Supports permission-based access and approval workflows
  • Requires minimal training with simple, user-friendly, browser-based interface
  • Integrates with your school emergency notification system to enhance campus safety
  • Accepts any type of content, including social media, live TV and news feeds

Benefits of the iCOMPEL® Digital Signage Solution for Education


Maximize Participation

To realize the best return on your school’s digital signage system investment, you need faculty, staff and students to use it. If the system is too difficult to use, they won’t. The iCOMPEL Content Commander content management system makes it easy for designated users from every area — from athletic team coaches to food service staff to student groups — to contribute digital signage content with minimal training. It offers a multilingual, web browser-based user interface with drag-and-drop functionality for ease of use. You can even feed data directly from files, so busy coaches can provide updated team stats without ever logging into the content management system.

You don’t need to worry that ease of use and freedom to contribute might compromise the security of the system, though. The iCOMPEL Content Commander gives you total control, supporting workflows that allow for official approval of content before it goes live and remote management and monitoring of the digital signage system from any location.





Integrate with Your School Emergency Notification System

Manage emergency situations with instant, campus-wide communication. The iCOMPEL system is designed to integrate with your emergency notification system to help keep everyone on campus aware.

In addition to displaying alerts on digital signage screens located throughout the campus, the iCOMPEL system can be programmed to push content to faculty and student mobile devices, including tablets and cell phones.





Support Every Type of Content

Particularly in an educational environment, it’s essential for your digital signage system to accept a vast array of content types. The iCOMPEL system accepts up to 4K UHD video, live TV, news, social media and video feeds, RSS, HTML, Flash content and more — all on one screen.

Screen layouts are easy to set up, and you can schedule different playlists for each zone on the screen based on the location of the screen, time of day and other parameters. For flexibility, you can make real-time content updates on the fly as needed. The iCOMPEL system makes it easy to deliver the right message in the right place at the right time all across campus.




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