Black Box Showcases the Power of Conversational AI for Customer Experience at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

GITEX GLOBAL 2023 witnessed an exceptional demonstration of the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing customer experiences, with Black Box taking center stage in exhibiting the transformative prowess of Conversational AI.

The event, teeming with AI-enabled lifelike robots, showcased the rapid evolution of AI technology. Amidst the palpable excitement, it became evident that while AI has surged ahead, there exists a widespread need for comprehension regarding its significance in enterprise applications.

Murali Kirshna, Vice President of Sales for the Enterprise Business (ME & Africa) of Black Box added, “The adoption of AI technologies is still in the early days, and even businesses that have experimented with a bot, still have a long way to go in leveraging good AI and then making the most of it to help their business. The “everything AI” focus of GITEX GLOBAL gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how we use the AI technologies available today to support contact center and support center customers.”

The trajectory of AI has shifted; from Siri and Alexa answering queries to today's conversational AI aiding in appointment scheduling, account inquiries, and more. This evolution marks a shift from the limitations of early bots to the sophisticated capabilities of AI 2.0, offering an enhanced customer experience. When people get a good look at what conversational AI 2.0 can mean for their customers and for their business, as they did at GITEX, then they begin to understand the real power of AI.

Kevin Stanly Mascarenhas, Practice Leader- Unified Communication, Collaboration & Customer Experience at Black Box, emphasized, "In these pivotal moments, discussions around implementing AI within enterprise businesses are paramount. We aim to contextualize AI within contact centers, provide insights on available technologies, and offer guidance on initiating conversational AI in CX."

Black Box's GITEX presence not only showcased the transformative potential of AI but also sought to elucidate its practical applications in enhancing customer experiences. As businesses tread the path of AI integration, Black Box stands as a guiding force, advocating for a strategic and informed approach towards leveraging AI for unparalleled customer interactions.

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