The Demands on Modern Education Infrastructure Have Never Been Greater

As existing network infrastructures continue to age in schools, learning facilities, and on campuses, it becomes harder to accommodate increased demand in the connected classroom. The list of activities taxing today’s education network is long: greater need for IT security, access and activity monitoring, learning via social media, the use of multimedia as a default, streaming video employed both as an instructional method and as a tool for faculty collaboration, flipped learning, gamification as a lesson component… the list goes on and on. Throw the escalating use of distance learning into the mix and it’s easy to see that most networks are being pushed to the edges of capability. Though these are common problems, they need not be barriers to reliable, secure, and worry-free education delivery.


Illuminate and Broaden Learning with Leading-Edge Technology

By integrating physical school and campus spaces with digital capabilities, students and staff on the modern campus enjoy instant access to lessons and data. IoT (Internet of Things) adapts easily and seamlessly to the needs of education, security, and accessibility for an intuitive education experience. Digital communication and collaborative tools such as Zoom and Webex empower faculty; these tools also facilitate continuous learning, regardless of whether faculty members are local or remote.

Black Box bridges the IT gap – we design, deploy, and manage your IT for a fast and reliable rollout. That way, you can focus on education while your IT remains fully supported and worry-free.

Foundational Technologies Are the Nerve Center of Modern Education

Ensuring exemplary delivery of instructional materials and optimized staff workflows is at the heart of your educational structure, but it is all powered by an enhanced nervous system of foundational IT. With the right human-friendly technology, mobile devices help students and teachers complete tasks from any location at any time and also reduce gaps in learning due to disruption of in-person education.

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Solutions Designed to Put Learning at the Forefront

Creating an all-encompassing education solution may seem like a daunting task and the demands are high. Today’s classrooms require reliable real-time collaborative applications. Black Box offers innovative solutions that transform the way students and faculty interact. Leading-edge technology bolsters student interaction and presentation. Using new technology, teachers can present mixed delivery of group discussions to both seated and remote students and ask questions to the class in an instant. Whether you’re building the perfect system for BYOD use in higher education or preparing 1:1 classrooms in primary and secondary education, Black Box solutions help create an environment that fosters collaborative learning while optimizing the student and staff experience.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how clients realized significant cost savings and optimized efficiency by investing in education technologies that maximize in-person and virtual collaboration, provide affordable anywhere connectivity, and engage student and staff experiences with their trusted partner, Black Box.

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Why Black Box?

Regardless of environment, regardless of distance, regardless of size – Black Box brings you industrial solutions designed to withstand the demands of any environment and process. The most useful technology bridges the gap between human operators, controllers, technicians and managers and brings progress and efficiency into sharp focus. You need a technology partner who will analyze your specific situation and pay close attention to your needs. No one can describe your unique position and applications better than you. That's the reason we're committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals.Continual investment in R&D and world-class infrastructureallows us to co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with you.

Just like human relationships, trust is crucial for strong business relationships. You'll find your Black Box experience the best of all worlds. While some insist one cannot be all things to all people, we challenge that notion by gathering the finest minds and the latest in technology together under one banner for the explicit purpose of providing unparalleled and comprehensive service to you, our most valued customer and partner.

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