Cutting-Edge Digital Transportation Trends Leverage 5G to Blend Technology and Human Resources

Digital technologies are reshaping the world we live and work in, enabling the transport sector to become more connected than ever before. The synergy of commuters, operations, and logistics connections is a driving force across the globe that is changing our transport expectations significantly. Organizations are leveraging technology to accelerate advancement of public transport, maritime operations, aviation, and smarter, more efficient logistics. By connecting you with the latest innovations across the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud, and Data Analytics, we can help you transform the transport experience.


New Technology Drives Digital Solutions in Transportation

Technology has the potential to provide more intelligence and insight, and to allow transport systems to be much more agile and responsive. But, providers are under pressure to prove the worth of their investments, while ensuring interoperability and integration into huge legacy systems. Overcoming hesitance to emerging technologies, while embracing the new digital world is the IT challenge. Black Box can help you help execute, design, deploy, and implement efficient and proactive digital services to track logistics and reshape transport delivery, while also building in a convenient and reliable digital user experience for travelers now and into the future.

Innovate for Efficiency, Ease, and Safety

Accelerate your journey on the highway to innovative transportation with the right technology to get you there. Travel faster, easier, safer, and more efficiently while staying connected wherever you go with emerging digital transportation solutions.

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    Digital Signage

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    IoT & Smart Technology

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    Network Optimization

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    Wireless Connectivity

Digital Connectivity Products Keep Transportation Systems Moving

Keeping transportation operations safe and on time comes down to having the right technology infrastructure in place. Black Box’s comprehensive portfolio of connectivity products helps you track every issue, delay, and emergency happening in transportation environments, such as airports, railway stations, subways, bus stations and more, in real-time so operators can make instant, informed decisions to keep commuters safe and satisfied.

  • KVM systems optimize decision-making and communications in 24/7/365 environments
  • Digital signage keeps passengers informed of delays, issues and emergencies
  • Network and infrastructure products that provide a consistent connection in the harshest environments

Customer Success Stories

Learn how clients realized significant cost savings and optimized efficiency by creating digital transportation systems that maximize traveler safety, repel security hacks, implement efficient cloud-based solutions, and centralize remote service desks with their trusted partner, Black Box.

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Why Black Box?

Just as your transportation systems are the center of all you do, your needs are the center of everything we do. We bring human-centric technology solutions to assist you in a seamless adaptation toward today’s dynamic transportation environment and into the future. We analyze your travelers and freight requirements and suggest how technology can help meet them move efficiently from point A to point B. We’re committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals. By continually investing in R&D, world-class infrastructure, and bringing the best talent from all across the world, we co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with our customers.

As in all human relationships, trust is crucial when building and sustaining strong business relationships. Black Box takes this to heart. We gather the finest minds, technology, and perspectives together under one banner for the explicit purpose of providing unparalleled and comprehensive service to you, our most valued customer and partner.

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