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DKM – Modular KVM Matrix Switching and Extension


Instantaneous HD and 4K KVM matrix switching for mission-critical installations

The DKM FX system enables flexible, instantaneous, and reliable matrix switching and extension of high-quality video, audio and peripheral signals. Choose from chassis-based, modular KVM matrix switches in multiple sizes, compact CATx and fiber switches, and DKM extenders. The proprietary signal transmission architecture of DKM matrix switches make them particularly well suited for mission-critical installations as their multi-level redundancy offers the highest reliability for 24/7 operation.


Digital KVM Matrix Switching


DKM Features

  • Modular, Flexible KVM Matrix Switching
    Choose from modular or compact chassis and extenders and add I/O cards that match your application requirements.

  • Dynamic I/O Ports for CATx or Fiber Cabling
    Enables mixing and matching of copper and fiber cabling to meet distance and media requirements

  • HD and 4K at 60 Hz Video Support
    Supports routing, switching, and multi-point distribution of various video, audio and peripheral signal types

  • Instantaneous Video Switching
    Instant, delay-free switching between multiple connected source computers for efficient multiuser access.

DKM Benefits


Highly Reliable

DKM is designed to perform at the highest standards, engineered for enterprise-level mission-critical 24/7 operations such as in control rooms.


Designed to Perform

Zero keyboard/mouse latency and instant switching between sources enable multi user access in real-time for the most demanding applications such as video editing.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Variety of Interface Cards

Supports I/O card-based high-speed USB, audio, serial, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA, and other digital and analog standards.


Modular and Scalable

The modular architecture provides an easy way to add connections and change inputs/outputs as enterprise needs arise. Modular chassis available up to 576 ports (cascadable).


Extended Management Options

The included control card supports user-friendly management via KVM, network or serial console. Combine with Boxilla® KVM Manager to connect to an IP-based Emerald® KVM system.

Mixed Transmission Media

Mixed Transmission Media

Switch to and between CATx and fiber connections. Mix media on inputs and outputs, CATx in and fiber out or vice versa.

Industry Applications


Broadcast and Post Production

KVM systems that streamline your operational workflow and provide reliable image quality



Complete solutions for transportation, including DAS/Wi-Fi, cloud and digital signage



Contact us for DKM products that are certified under IEC 60945:2002 for maritime applications.


Military & Defense

Mission-focused technology solutions that meet security and compliance standards



Industrial networking solutions that ensure maximum uptime at every stage of production


Public Safety

Reliable solutions that provide effective real-time information visualization and communication

Case Studies Featuring DKM

Digital KVM Extension and Switching in a German Airport Operations Center

Jan 19, 2022, 23:15 PM
A large German airport operations center faced a challenging work environment because the airport turns to Black Box for centralized monitoring, security camera surveillance and general airport security.
Title : Digital KVM Extension and Switching in a German Airport Operations Center
Company : German Airport
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A large German airport operations center faced a challenging work environment because the airport was expanding its terminal and adding gates to accommodate the growing number of flights. Technical support staff wanted to avoid heat and noise in the operations control room that was used for centralized monitoring, security camera surveillance and general airport security.


In order to improve operators' efficiency, ensure a quiet work environment and make it easier for the IT staff to maintain and monitor servers, IT decided to backrack server infrastructure to a new central equipment room. A video wall also had to be connected to the servers in order for all operators to see visuals from different sources. To extend and switch multiple video and peripheral signal sources to different multi-screen operator desks, IT decided to use a matrix switching system. The system had to support 24/7 operations, central management of user access rights and both CATx and fiber cabling.


By using the DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switching system, IT was able to backrack a mix of CATx and fiber transmitters in the data center. They placed receivers in the central operations control room (copper) and in a backup control room (fiber) in another building. This fully digital DKM matrix solution offers switching,extension and distribution of HD video signals, USB, and audio signals over copper or fiber (up to 4K) and enables multiple users to easily access any computer system.

The system is designed for power redundancy and instantaneous switching of HD video signals. It's also connected to a backup control room, that in case of a security violation, users can switch over control within seconds. In the central equipment room, all individual systems are connected to a dedicated screen to ensure video is present at all times. Operators switch between active servers/applications by simply moving a mouse from one screen to another through Glide & Switch technology.


The DKM system is highly reliable and supports 24/7 operations. If the IT staff needs to expand the operations center, new desks can be easily connected to the existing infrastructure by simply adding new receivers to the matrix system. The operator workplace is now quieter, has less heat and is more secure. The DKM system provided improved functionality for operators as well as increased job satisfaction and productivity.

  • German Airport
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  • Air Traffic Control
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  • KVM
  • KVM Matrix Switching
  • TPS
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DKM Application Diagrams

DKM Matrix Switching Application


Basic matrix switching setup, connecting multiple user stations and source computers through a DKM matrix switch and DKM extenders.

Connecting DKM with Boxilla and Emerald


Integrating DKM with Boxilla and Emerald to gain access to an IP-based KVM system and virtual machines.

DKM Product Portfolio

The perfect high-performance, modular enterprise routing system for complete in-band signal distribution of high-definition video, audio, and peripherals over CATx or single-mode fiber supporting up to 576 I/O ports in a single frame. Designed with performance and flexibility in mind, the DKM FX offers tremendous scalability.
Specifically designed for smaller to mid-sized KVM deployments. Get the same instantaneous, reliable access to real-time digital HD video, plus a whole host of peripherals in a 1U or 2U frame for smaller installations. DKM FXC can be used with all DKM FX extender modules creating a wide range of high performance features and connections.
DKM Extenders
Re-locate computers and access them at longer distances than standard interconnect cables allow. Compact extenders are small and offer a space-saving footprint in standard fixed configurations. Modular extenders enable you to build a system to fit your specific need or application. Modular enclosure frames are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 21-slot units. The extenders can be used in standalone, point-to-point applications, or as part of your DKM system.
Specifically designed for smaller to mid-sized KVM deployments up to 160 endpoints, these compact switches come in sizes of 1, 2, and 4 RU. They support modern applications with a mix of HD and 4K video, USB, audio, and serial extension and switching in a very economical way.

DKM Extender Configurator

View Configurator

Associated Technologies


ControlBridge® KVM and Room Control System

Versatile touch-based multisystem room control processor. Allows control room operators to switch between sources or even whole room presets.


Freedom II KM Switches

This 4 or 8 port keyboard/mouse switch allows switching between connected PCs by just moving your mouse from one screen to another.


Boxilla KVM Manager

Boxilla is a centralized KVM manager. Combine DKM and Emerald systems to enable access to virtual machines.

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Digital KVM Matrix Switching