Top 10 Technology Product Blog Posts for 2021

Last year, the pandemic continued to wreak havoc in our lives, but our readers did not lose their appetite for learning about technology. Thanks to all our readers over the past year who visited our blogs. Here's a list, in descending order, of our top ten most popular blog posts in 2021.

10. PoE Cabling: What You Need to Know, Part 1

Now you can reduce or eliminate power supplies for devices distant from a power socket. This article explains how just one Power over Ethernet (PoE) twisted-pair cable transmits voice, data, and power.

9. Understanding Secure KVM Switches

Secure KVM switches protect your devices against unwanted security attacks and snooping. In this article, we focus on two standards, NIAP and TEMPEST, and help you learn which type of secure switch is best for you.

8. Data Center Connectivity: The Three Different Technologies for High-Speed Networking Interconnectivity and Determining Which to Use in Your Network

Which is right for your data center — Active Optical Cables (AOC), Direct Attach Cables (DAC), or optical transceivers? In this article, find out how to choose between the three technologies.

7. Why Temperature Screening Kiosks are Vital to Ensuring Patients', Visitors', and Staff's Safety in Any Healthcare Facility

During and after the pandemic, healthcare safety is paramount. Learn how temperature screening kiosks protect everyone who enters a healthcare facility.

6. How to Leverage Multi-Stream Transport (MST) on Your DisplayPort 1.2 Connectors

With MST, you can duplicate your primary display, extend your display across several monitors, or create a video wall. This article explains how MST technology delivers.

5. New HDMI 2.1 Technology Part 1 of 2

Get the facts on how HDMI 2.1 beats the older standard with higher video resolutions and faster refresh rates. 

4. 10 Reasons Why KVM is Better than Software

Here are the 10 factors you need to consider when choosing between the two technologies, and why KVM is often the most viable solution.

3. What is USB Type C?

Traditionally, USB only transmitted data, but today's Type-C connector is designed to transmit data, power, and video. This article explains what USB-C is and what functions it supports.

2. Safely Return to Work with Contactless Temperature Systems

In 2021, employees faced the challenge of returning to the workplace while staying safe. Learn how temperature screening kiosks can make employees feel safer.

1.  How Temperature Screening Kiosks Can Benefit Schools and Other Learning and Educational Systems

In 2021, the ongoing pandemic was top-of-mind for many of our readers. First and foremost, we wanted to protect our children in school. Read how temperature screening kiosks can help keep our kids – and educators – safe.

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