Top 10 Blog Posts for 2019

Thanks to all our readers over the past year. Here's a list, in decending order, of our top ten most popular blog posts in 2019.

10. What's the Difference between Premise, Cloud, Hybrid UC&C?

Migrating to a new communications system can be a daunting task and that evaluating UC&C systems is not easy. This post takes you through in-depth pros and cons of each type of system.

9. Faster. Farther. Better. The Evolution of 802.11.

This tutorial will decipher the alphabet soup of the most common Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) standards and describe how they have evolved over the years and what they mean in terms of speeds and feeds.

8. Built for Speed: What Wi-Fi 6 Means for You

We're all anticipating the arrival of Wi-Fi 6. In this post on Wi-Fi 6, we will examine the technology behind Wi-Fi 6 and how it's going to impact how we use Wi-Fi and what we expect from it.

7. Zen and the Art of Workplace Communications

Today, work isn't necessarily a place to go, it's a thing you do--from anywhere. Find out how the evolution of the workforce has caused a communications revolution in the workplace.

6. How Digital Transformation is Driving 5G

Multiple factors are driving digital transformation, the need for mobility, and, ultimately, 5G. Find out what they are and how the transition to the fourth industrial revolution is accelerating the demand for 5G.

5. Built for Speed: What You Need to Know About Wi-Fi 6

Another one of the hottest topics of the past year is Wi-Fi 6. It's coming and generating a lot of hype. Find out what it is and how it's going to be a real game changer for wireless connectivity.

4. SD-WAN vs. MPLS

Not that long ago, IT pros would laugh at the idea of replacing a reliable, private MPLS link at branch locations with an SD-WAN. Not anymore. This post gives you a feature by feature comparison of SD-WAN versus MPLS

3. 6 Reasons CAT6A is in Your Future

If you're in the market for structured cabling for a new installation or for upgrading existing infrastructures, you really have only one choice - CAT6A and here are six good reasons why.

2. What Is SD-WAN and Why Is It So Important?

These days, there's a lot of buzz about SD-WAN and for good reason. The SD-WAN market is exploding alongside the growth of edge computing and digital transformation. But what is it and how will it affect you?

1. The Growth of Small Cells and Why There is Nothing Small About It

The demand for in-building wireless continues to grow to accommodate the explosion of mobile devices and the demand for anywhere connectivity in our personal and work lives.

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