On the high seas, crew, machinery, and IT equipment are exposed to harsh conditions, including extended temperature ranges, humidity, and vibrations. Systems must work together reliably and guarantee safety to man and machine at all times. This applies also to KVM equipment connecting users and computers aboard vessels and offshore platforms.

KVM systems optimize decision-making and communications in 24/7/365 environments. The DKM KVM Matrix switching system is fully compliant with the IEC 60945 major accreditation, which allows the implementation alongside maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems. This makes it an ideal solution for several naval applications that entail monitoring and control of critical processes and data.

  • Digital signage keeps crew members and passengers informed of events, delays, issues, and emergencies.
  • Network and infrastructure products provide a consistent connection in the harshest environments.
  • IoT gateways enable control of conditions without the need for an individual being permanently present.
Maritime Solutions

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Designed to Meet the Harshest Maritime Conditions

Since most equipment used on vessels at sea must undergo a compliance process designed to ensure that it is able to survive the ocean's harsh environment like shock and vibration specifications, the IEC-60945 specification entails rigorous testing regarding this environment, security and electromagnetic compatibility, meeting international standards.

Keep Tabs on Geographical Data to Guide You

Whether on land or at sea, maintain everything in ship-shape order. Transmit and analyze geographical data and more in real-time to keep an even keel on operations from sea to shore.

Make the Most of Video Screens

Distribute and visualize events, wayfinding, and scheduling information on screens throughout a cruise ship or other passenger boat. Travelers stay informed of events and schedule changes in real-time so they can update their plans.

Engage Your Passengers

Use your displays more effectively. Make waiting times entertaining, promote your cruise ship’s restaurants' menu offerings or attract more people to your events. Reach any screen, share multiple content on a single screen, or create video walls.

Protect Passengers from Ship-to-Shore

Secure your operations and protect from unwanted tampering to keep crew and passengers safe. Guard doors and external access points to prevent crimes, or control remote security cameras.

Monitor, Manage, and Control Operations Remotely

Keep system management and troubleshooting easy. Monitor operations remotely from anywhere on the globe via secure VPNs.

Flexible and Reliable Systems Enable Error-Free Operation

Commercial and passenger ships must meet stringent industry standards. Build a one-of-a-kind, flexible and resilient control room solution for efficient, fail-safe operation.

Built Tough for the Harshest Environments

Overcome the challenge of extreme environments that have temperature variations while at sea or on the shore.

Futureproof Your Systems to Protect Your Investment

Designed with both current and future systems compatibility in mind, choose solutions that will meet your maritime needs now and later.

Predictive Maintenance

Remotely control conditions of hatch doors, bays, bulkhead systems, water, power and many more at unmanned areas. Automated rules and early alerts to the control room prevent unwanted incidents.

Industry Applications


Featured Solutions

Featured Products

Emerald® DESKVUE

Create a personalized workspace in a maritime control room to simultaneously monitor & interact with 16 selected physical, virtual, & cloud-based systems.


Remotely manage and monitor trim, stability, engine performance, communication, hatches, and cargo with this IoT technology to instantly troubleshoot maritime emergencies.

Media Converters

Seamlessly connect IT equipment from to a control room on a ship or at shore.

Maritime_feat-product_KVX-KVM Extenders_331x222
KVX KVM Extenders

On ships, KVX enables operators to control remote board computers or monitor and move security cameras at the station using their existing keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

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