Modernising Local Government IT Infrastructure: Meeting Challenges in the Digital Age

Local governments are facing significant budget constraints, which may limit the ability to invest in new technologies and IT infrastructure. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated the need for council services to be digitalised and for communities to become digitally literate.

Technology is the key to addressing these challenges: modern IT innovations increase efficiency and staff productivity, allowing local governments to do more with less and provide more personalised services to their citizens.

Reliable and secure wireless and wired infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, secure networks, and remote services – these are the hallmarks of modern local government IT infrastructure. The speed and delivery of public services greatly improve as large-scale digital innovations roll out with unprecedented speed. Today and into the future, the foundation of digital government rests on advanced technologies that directly affect the usefulness of the network.

Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges

Black Box Obtains Crown Commercial Service Accreditation

Black Box has been named an accredited Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier strengthening our commitment to providing communications, collaboration, networking, and security technology solutions, underpinned by expert consulting and managed IT services, to the UK public sector.

Recognized for our comprehensive capabilities, we have been awarded three key lots in the Network Services 3 Framework Agreement (RM6116):

  • Lot 1a - Inter-Site Connectivity (Wide Area Network)
  • Lot 4b - Digital Communications Services (Unified Communications)
  • Lot 4e - Paging and Alerting

These commendations highlight our ability to not only meet, but exceed the changing needs of the public sector and drive a future of enhanced connectivity and innovation.

Explore Our Capabilities within the CCS NS3 Framework

Driving Digital Transformation in Local Governments

Digital transformation in local governments is more important than ever before, driven by increasing public expectations, the need for collaboration between governments, hybrid employees, organisations and citizens, data as an integral part of decision-making, and the need to access and process vast amounts of government information. The right mix of advanced technologies enables this transformation, improves public engagement, and drives smart city initiatives.

This technology includes high-speed, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity in large and small buildings, simple Wi-Fi 6 connectivity between individual facilities and remote locations in a municipality, the latest in unified communications and collaboration from five to five thousand lines, and cloud contact centre solutions for a better civic experience.

Trust your voice, data, and video networking needs to a proven digital partner that can deliver the advanced technologies you need to lead this digital transformation as local government organisations move into the future.

Foundational Technologies as Key to Digital Transformation Challenges

Providing a seamless experience within modern local government requires the right technology. When you partner with Black Box, you can benefit from our extensive expertise, experience, and commitment to delivering effective, secure, and connected public services that reduce costs, optimise existing resources, and realise your digital transformation vision.

Black Box Local Government Solutions

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    Wireless Connectivity

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    Structured Cabling

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    Network Optimisation

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    Secure KVM

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    Unified Communications

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    Contact Centre

Secure and Compliant Technology Solutions for Superior Public Safety

Whether managing mission-critical data analysis in real-time, dispatching emergency responders, or communicating with the public, seamless technology must be secure, compliant, and meet the latest and most rigid security standards to help you achieve your objectives, meet your budget, and optimize your productivity without sacrificing public safety. Emergency operations centers (EOCs), 911 call centers, public safety answering points (PSAPs), and government agencies alike rely on critical information visualization and communication. Real-time video and the sharing of data between control centers and field workers results in maximum situational awareness and faster response times. When lives are in jeopardy, quick and complete communication often means the difference between success or failure.

We partner with civilian agencies, the armed services, state and local governments as well as educational institutions to deploy leading-edge data and physical network solutions including device control and storage, visualization, collaboration and cabling.

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Why Black Box?

Black Box offers a unique combination of advanced communications, collaboration, networking, and security technology solutions and comprehensive consultancy, design, implementation, and managed IT services to digitally transform organisations and realise your vision. Thanks to our proven track record of working with the public sector on digital transformation projects, you can benefit from our expertise, experience, and commitment to deliver effective, secure and connected public services that reduce costs and optimise existing resources.

Black Box is an accredited Crown Commercial Service Supplier on the NS3 Framework (RM6116) for the UK public sector.

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