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High-Performance Lockable Patch Cables


Premium performance combined with optional lockability


Secure network ports — only when you need to.

These one-of-a-kind cables give you the ability to lock down critical network ports when you need to, without buying new patch cords.

Use these high-performance cables for your everyday network connections. Then, when you need to secure network ports, just slip an optional locking pin into the tab on the patented, slimline LockPORT™ boot. To unplug the cable, release with the removal key (sold separately).

High-Performance Lockable Patch Cable Application


A locked cable with locking pin inserted in the boot.


To unlock, insert the key into the locking pin until it clicks.


Pull the locking pin back and lift the key to release.


Protect critical network ports from unauthorized access.

Lock your cable connections and secure your network ports from unauthorized access and accidental disconnects.


Flexible choice for level of security

Use the same cable as a standard network cable, a patch cable with protection against accidental disconnections or a fully locked RJ-45cable connection to prevent from manipulation.


Premium performance

You won't sacrifice performance for security. These component-level cables are tested up to 550 MHz.


Works with all standard RJ-45 network applications

These cables meet or exceed the industry standards, verified to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2. They fit into every common RJ-45 port.


Run Power over Ethernet

3 Series Lockable Patch cables can support all PoE levels (IEEE 802.3af PoE, 802.3at PoE+ and 802.3bt PoE++), which makes them a more economical choice for connecting and powering security cameras or Wifi access points.


Great Choice

Available as CAT5e, CAT6, or CAT6A in blue or black and seven standard length

High-Performance Lockable Patch Cables Benefits and Features

Lockable Patch Cables Portfolio

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