The Not-So-Secret Way To Increase Efficiency For A Better Bottom Line

How to Save $9,000 Annually per Employee

Fifty percent. That’s the amount of efficiency your outdated communications systems could be costing your bottom line.  And that’s not all. According to Insignia, there’s an average of 5.3 hours wasted per week waiting for information from colleagues who aren’t available, amounting to $9,000 annually per employee. The numbers are real. And they certainly don’t lie. If you think your business is immune, think again. But there is good news.

One Question

All you have to do is answer this simple question: Do you have the right system in place for your teams to be as efficient and as effective as possible? If you’re anything less than 100% certain, then now is the perfect time to assess your current systems with our free UCC Checklist. It can show you where you might be coming up short, while offering some direction on ways to improve your enterprise’s operations.


More Efficient Technology For More Effective Teamwork

For today’s most successful enterprises, it’s all about the right technology being in the right place at the right time. They’ve long since abandoned the notion that managing individual silos of disparate communications systems is a viable business model. Instead, they’ve turned to Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC.) By implementing single, comprehensive, cohesive solution, you’ll ensure all of your systems operate more efficiently. Once that’s achieved, you create additional capacity for your team to focus on strategic objectives and emerging market opportunities across your enterprise.

Increased Efficiencies = Increased Profit Margins

According to Gartner, UCC comprehensively addresses the leverages the most critical variables agile companies care about:

• Cloud, for centralized access and management;

• Mobile, for access from any device usage;

• Interoperability, for seamless workflow across platforms;

• User Experience, for ease of use to ensure high adoption and implementation.

So what does it mean to have tools that facilitate easier communication, are easier to use, and are easier to manage? Increased efficiency for business teams as well as IT teams. And increased efficiency means a stronger bottom line.

Click here to download our free checklist of "5 essential considerations for your UCC journey."


    • End-User Needs
    • Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure
    • Cost/ROI
    • Long-Term Vision
    • In-House Expertise

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