Transform Your World with Smart IoT Solutions

Unleash the potential of Black Box's advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, meticulously engineered for exponential growth and operational excellence. Our IoT offerings seamlessly merge predictive analytics with streamlined operations, empowering data-driven decision-making and resource optimization to slash CapEx and OpEx. Embrace heightened productivity, cost efficiency, and a decisive competitive edge with our cutting-edge IoT technologies. Collaborate with Black Box to navigate the dynamic realm of interconnected ecosystems and propel innovation within your business.


Safeguard Data and Privacy with Advanced Physical Security Solutions

Protect your data and privacy with Black Box's Physical Security & IoT Solutions, which encrypt transmissions and prevent breaches. Mitigate risks efficiently, benefit from tampering alerts, and optimize monitoring for enhanced security. Partner with us for tailored solutions that resolve security challenges and boost overall protection. Check the benefits you can leverage with Black Box:

Data & Privacy Protection
Data & Privacy Protection

Safeguard sensitive data and privacy through IoT security solutions that encrypt transmissions and prevent unauthorized access, monitoring, and device tracking, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Risk Management
Risk Management

Mitigate security risks with advanced IoT solutions, identifying and addressing potential threats to minimize costly incidents before they escalate into costly incidents for organizations.

Tampering Alerts
Tampering Alerts

Upscale security with smart cameras, detecting tampering and reducing oversight of suspicious activities. Ideal for public spaces and schools; these alerts keep cameras focused, boosting overall security efficiency.

Intelligent Monitoring
Intelligent Monitoring

Optimize security monitoring with intelligent systems utilizing motion and audio detection. Simplify video retrieval, reduce operational costs, and enhance response efficiency for a proactive security approach.

Black Box Smart IoT Solutions Suite

Black Box offers comprehensive Smart IoT Solutions like Smart Sensors, Real-Time Location Tracking, and Industry 4.0 tech for heightened safety and productivity. We also provide robust security solutions such as Firewalls, Antivirus Software, Access Control, and more to prevent misconduct and ensure asset security. Explore our integrated solutions for upscaling the security and streamlining operations.

  • Total Security Control

    RTLS-based assets Management and Worker Safety Solutions

    Elevate your business with Black Box real-time remote wireless condition monitoring. Seamlessly manage assets with RTLS-based solutions while prioritizing worker safety. Tailored to your needs, our solutions optimize processes and ensure peak performance.

  • Tech-Savvy Solutions

    RTLS for People & Assets

    Implement RTLS for People & Assets to enhance industrial safety and productivity assessments. Our BLE-based tracking solution ensures that asset location information is readily available, enabling swift responses to emergencies, minimizing downtime, and maximizing efficiency.

  • Robust Protection

    Smart Building Solutions

    Unlock the potential of IoT with BBX Visible IoT platform for Smart Buildings. Automate tasks, monitor conditions and deliver location-based services for comfort and disaster preparedness. Experience efficiency and safety integrated into your building management.

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For more than four decades, Black Box has been assisting clients across all industries and locations globally in building, securing, managing, reimagining, and transforming their networks and IT infrastructure, including IoT edge services, edge computing solutions, and more.
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