Purchase: The Final Piece in the Retail Purchasing Lifecycle
This is the final entry in Black Box’s three-part blog series, Retail’s Digital Transformation Lifecycle: Promote, Find, and Purchase. The previous entries highlighting insights and opportunities for the two additional elements of the lifecycle can be found here: Promoteand Find.

Even if a retailer perfectly optimizes how it promotes and navigates through the retail digital transformation lifecycle, there is one last step to gain long-standing brand loyalty to the in-store shopping experience. It occurs when it’s time to check out.

Retailers know that nothing slows down the buying experience – or demoralizes customers – more than a long wait to purchase a product. The good news is that this is an easily solvable problem. With the adoption of an Intelligent Retail Space the options for this last step in the purchase lifecycle can evolve with technological advancements and consumer demand.

Statistics show that 94 percent of smartphone owners use their mobile devices while in store. This means that with the right technology a mobile device can be the best vehicle for a flexible checkout.

An efficient digital checkout enables secure and efficient point of sale (POS) transactions. Creating a framework for a mobile checkout option allows retailers to close the sale at the customer’s location. It is convenient for the consumer, simplifies the overall process, and enables analytics-driven, cross-selling opportunities for retailers.

Making sure this improved checkout option is payment card industry (PCI) compliant is part of the total solution and can be added to an existing wired system or it can be set up for mobility. In addition, PCI compliance reports can be generated as part of Back Box’s Managed Service Provider solutions.

To integrate this important digital element, Black Box can deliver LAN/WAN, carrier connectivity, Wi-Fi access, appropriate guest security controls, and associated cabling in just about any retail space. For a more robust security position, Black Box can implement an advanced security design that polices the PCI network, determining which devices belong to it and which devices do not.

Integrating a mobile checkout system not only increases customer satisfaction by lowering the amount of time it takes to buy products, but it also frees sales associates from being anchored to the cash register. This important development means employees can focus their energies better on assisting customers in making purchasing choices.

Click here for additional information on the role Black Box can play in turning your store into an Intelligent Retail Space.

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