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iCompel® Digital Signage Multi-Zone SoC License

Digital Signage software integrated directly into your Samsung or LG displays, no physical players needed.

Item #:  Digital Signage Multi-Zone SoC License


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Product Features

  • One, three or five year multi-zone license options
  • Ideal for corporate, retail, quick-service restaurants, hospitality and education digital signage networks
  • System-on-Chip displays are available from 32–65"


The iCompel System-on-Chip Solution is a software application that is licensed within the iCompel Content Commander and installed directly on a compatible LG or Samsung SoC display. Save time and money on installation and maintenance by cutting out the physical player - without compromising performance or content quality. Using the enterprise-level Content Commander, you can scale your network seamlessly.

Remote monitoring and configuration

  • Remote diagnostics provide screenshots and alerts so you know immediately if something is wrong
  • Dashboard view gives users the ability to search and filter by player brand, meta tag, and other criteria
  • Screen On/Off control
  • Browser-based user interface

Enterprise-scale design

  • LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Player tagging for delivery of local content across multiple locations
  • Sophisticated Role-Based Access Control
  • Host the Content Commander on cloud-based, or premise server, using a virtual machine
  • Screen failover mechanism lets you set protocol to keep vital content on display if one or more screens fail
  • Scalable

Engaging, relevant content

  • Multiple media types supported
  • Image
  • Full HD video
  • Picture in picture/HDMI capture
  • Scrolling text
  • HTML (local and web)
  • RSS feed
  • Image transparency
  • Flash
  • Twitter
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and dayparting
  • HDMI Capture and IPTV streaming
  • Rich, multi-zone layout design and playout
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Offline playback, true store, and forward content delivery means that content continues to play even if an internet connection is lost.

System-on-Chip supports the following LG webOS 2.0 displays:

  • 22SM3B
  • 43SM3B
  • 49SM3B
  • 55SM3B
  • 32SM5B/32SM5KB
  • 43SM5B/43SM5KB
  • 49SM5B/49SM5KB
  • 55SM5B/55SM5KB
  • 65SM5B/65SM5KB
  • 49UH5B (full HD only)
  • 55UH5B (full HD only)
  • 65UH5B (full HD only)

System-on-Chip supports the following LG webOS 3.0 displays:

  • 43SM3C
  • 49SM3C
  • 55SM3C
  • 32SM5C/32SM5KC
  • 43SM5C/43SM5KC
  • 49SM5C/49SM5KC
  • 55SM5C/55SM5KC
  • 65SM5C/65SM5KC

System-on-Chip supports the following Samsung SSP screens:

  • DB32E
  • DB40E
  • DB48E
  • DB55E
  • DB10E-POE (10.1")
  • DB10E- T-POE
  • DM32E
  • DM40E
  • DM48E
  • DM55E
  • DM65E
  • DM75E
  • DH32E
  • DH40E
  • DH48E
  • DH55E
  • ML32E
  • ML55E
  • ML55F-R
  • SH37F

System-on-Chip supports the following Samsung Tizen screens:

  • PM32F
  • PM43F
  • PM49F
  • PM55F
  • PM32F-BC
  • PM43F-BC
  • PM55F-BC
  • PM43H
  • PM49H
  • PM55H
  • PH43F-P
  • PH49F-P
  • PH55F-P
  • OM75F-W
  • OM85F-W
  • OH46F
  • OH55F
  • OH75F
  • OH85F

Not all SOC displays are supported. If you are unsure of compatibility, please contact our FREE Tech Support.

Tech Specs

Not all SOC displays are supported. If you are unsure of compatibility, please contact our FREE Tech Support.

* Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 1-800-667-6625.



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