Get Real-Time Sensor Data to Manage Your Operations from Anywhere, at Any Time

The open-system AlertWerks AW3000 IoT Wireless gateway uses LoRaWAN wireless technology and works with any LoRaWAN sensor on the market. AlertWerks Wired version works with a range of compatible wired sensors. Both versions record events on-site and automate actions remotely, giving you full control with just a browser-based interface to protect and ensure the stability of your business.

On-site sensors relay equipment data to you wherever you are, at any time of day or night. Physical and virtual sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, door access, lighting and electrical switches, and more. AlertWerks sends alerts to your phone, tablet, or computer, or other remote devices.

Based on an open SQL database, AW3000 uses SNMP and MQTT to communicate and interface with ControlBridge®, Emerald®, MCX and more. Users are not limited to a defined closed-system set of compatible sensors.


Travel virtually to Texas with Black Box to Shannon Brewing Company. Discover how AlertWerks streamlines processes, monitoring, and control.

Virtualize Data and Get Status Alerts and Notifications

Connected through LoRaWAN to the all-in-one-box gateway, physical sensors digitize our analog world. Operating on an open platform, AW3000 works with any LoRaWAN 1.0.x sensor on the market. Virtual sensors use IP/IT methods and protocols to collect data, graphics, or access dashboards remotely, with low latency. Get automatic alerts on your mobile phone or other device.

Physical sensors

LoRaWAN sensors monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, status of dry contacts, door sensors, motion detection, and more.

Virtual sensors

Configure a virtual sensor to ping a device, ensuring that an important piece of equipment is online.

Data Collection and Graphing

AW3000 stores data from physical and virtual sensors on an SQL database. Dashboards via HDMI output, from a Web interface, or using ControlBridge® provide an intuitive overview.

Alerts and Notifications

Define warning and critical alarm states, and notification actions including SNMP traps, SNMP SET commands, e-mails, SMS, sirens, etc. When the measured value exceeds the threshold, you get an alert.

Easy to Power

The all-in-one AW3000 draws power through a USB or PoE+ RJ-45/LAN interface.

Wireless Connectivity

AW3000 operates over Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g/n/a/c or Ethernet.

Data is Easy to Visualize

Via HDMI output and USB ports, AW3000 connects to an HDMI monitor to visualize data. Command-line editing or Linux® knowledge is not needed - AW3000 boots directly into a graphical user interface.

Reduce/Eliminate Downtime

Predictive maintenance empowers you to eliminate or replace complex and costly solutions.

Solution Diagrams


AlertWerks Wireless Solution

AW3000 consists of an all-in-one box that works with physical and virtual sensors to remotely monitor your equipment, processes, and more. Get real-time data and alerts right on your cell phone or other device. Check out this configuration diagram to see how AlertWerks AW3000 Wireless Gateway can help you monitor and control sensors in your installation.


AlertWerks Wired Solution

Discover how Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) streamlines rail travel with AlertWerks solution, resulting in more efficient processes, increased safety and security, scheduling punctuality, and time savings.

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