Increase the Security of Your Network with Fiber to the Desktop

IT security and networking efficiency are immeasurably important to the success of your business or your client’s business. Fiber optic cables are the gold standard in networking. Fiber optic networks deliver increased bandwidth with top-notch security straight to the desktop, making them an ideal solution for enterprises that deal with high-volume, sensitive information.

Focusing on high-performance solutions, Black Box® has developed a comprehensive fiber to desktop suite to address the physical and network security requirements of information-sensitive enterprises. This solution provides optimized security, extended reach, unlimited bandwidth, superior reliability, and low total cost of ownership.

Fiber To The Desktop

Fiber to the Desktop Benefits

Fiber optic cable yields a myriad of benefits. It not only provides unmatched speed, bandwidth, and reliability, but also ensures data security since fiber optic cable can’t be “tapped into.” Fiber optic cable is a perfect fit for defense, financial centers, enterprise-level businesses, industrial automation, retail points-of-sale, and mission control applications.

Highly Reliable, Fast, and Secure-16
Highly Reliable, Fast, and Secure

Highly reliable with unsurpassed bandwidth, speed, and security — fiber to the desktop is a perfect fit for defense.

Unparalleled Speed and Bandwidth-17
Unparalleled Speed and Bandwidth

With unmatched speed and bandwidth, fiber to the desktop keeps sensitive equipment and data safe and secure.

Low Cost of Ownership-18
Low Cost of Ownership

Grow your business with fiber to the desktop's unmatched speed, reliability, security, and cost of ownership.

Sturdy and Resilient-19
Sturdy and Resilient

Dirt, dust, moisture, vibrations, and extreme temperatures are no match for industrial-strength fiber to the workstation.

Enables Secure Transactions at POS-20
Enables Secure Transactions at POS

Fiber to the Point-of-Sale (POS) provides reliable and secure remote user access to system resources that are safely tucked away.

Perfect for Command and Control Centers-21
Perfect for Command and Control Centers

The reliability, speed, bandwidth, and security benefits of fiber to the desktop are ideal for command and control centers.

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Solution Diagrams

Enhance floor-to-floor and office-to-office security by replacing vertical or trunk copper feeds with up to 40 Gbps lossless single path, redundant path, or self-healing fiber optic cables and electronics.

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Fiber To The Floor

Enhance floor-to-floor and office-to-office security by replacing vertical or trunk copper feeds with up to 40 Gb lossless single path, redundant path, or self-healing fiber optic cables and electronics.

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Stage 1: Fiber To The Desktop

Improve security, reliability, bandwidth, and total cost-of-ownership by extending the benefits of fiber to the office with fiber to the desktop with preterminated, certified fiber optic cable and media converters.

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Stage 2: Intermediate Physical Security

Eliminate physical threats with locking connectors at each junction for fiber and copper endpoints

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Stage 3: Advanced Physical Security

Further enhance physical security by preventing any physical access at fiber or copper interconnection points with secure locking enclosures, locking connectors, and utility room locking cabinets.

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Stage 4: High-Performance KVM

Effectively manage remote workstation access to secured data facilities with high-perfomance KVM, (keyboard, video, and mouse), combined with the benefits of fiber optic cable.

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Stage 5: High-Performance KVM Over IP

Provide secure access to data remotely with enhanced physcal and virtual security, routing each desktop to a virtualised workstation in a secure IT facility with high-perfomance KVM over IP.

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