Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) has firmly anchored itself as an unwavering force within the airport terminal operations realm. MANJ’s journey stands as an example of ultimate success and excellence. At the heart of this endeavor, the challenges faced by MANJ mirror the very essence of transformation, whereas the solutions brought forth by Black Box acted as a symphony of dexterity and ingenuity. With technologies like Cisco Meraki, Cisco UCCE, Fortinet, and more, they seamlessly interlace into the fabric of MANJ’s vision.


In their pursuit of operational excellence, Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) identified a need to enhance their IT operational concept. This concept comprised four key pillars: Operations Management, Application Management, Network and Infrastructure Management, and Security Management. However, the complex nature of managing an array of systems, from network infrastructure to security protocols, proved to be a challenge, especially as the organization had embarked on a project involving an entirely new terminal and equipment.

Their requirements included finding a service provider who could oversee the monitoring and support of their Terminal Network and Communication Systems. They wanted to ensure the health of these critical systems, all the while achieving and maintaining desired service levels.


Black Box stepped onto the stage of Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) ambitious technological overhaul with a dynamic suite of cutting-edge solutions. Black Box’s solutions encompassed a wide range of technologies including Cisco Meraki, Cisco, UCCE, Fortinet, and pivotal components of the Enterprise Network such as voice, data, PA systems, kiosks, and wireless access points. Augmented by cybersecurity powerhouse Cybalt, network management for Solar Winds, service and asset management expert Ivanti, and the diligent Patch Manager, this comprehensive ensemble fulfilled MANJ’s IT operational needs, ushering in a new era of efficiency and efficacy.

Black Box provided personalized solutions and maintenance support that catered to the needs of MANJ, which in turn amplified the partnership. With their local support team positioned at the heart of operations, the collaboration became more than the sum of its parts. This customized approach ensured that any challenge encountered was met with prompt resolutions, further cementing the bond between the two entities. It wasn’t just about solutions; it was about shared success.

Black Box didn’t just meet Munich Airport, NJ’s (MANJ) needs; they elevated the very definition of service excellence. With Black Box’s solutions, MANJ consistently achieved its ambitious Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a testament to the relationship forged between innovation and reliability. The ability to review data on a single pane wasn’t just a feature; it was a paradigm shift in operational management. Black Box’s solutions transformed the landscape with realtime insights. The Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) is now able to navigate the intricacies of its IT systems with agility and foresight.

The synergy between Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) and Black Box produced insights of unparalleled depth. The deployment of Black Box solutions ushered in an era of enhanced reporting and monitoring. With unprecedented detail, MANJ gained a panoramic view of its IT infrastructure, enabling the entity to make informed decisions and fine-tune its operations with precision.


  • Munich Airport, NJ (MANJ) aimed for operational excellence but faced challenges in enhancing its IT operational concept.
  • The complex nature of their IT landscape posed difficulties in ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.
  • MANJ had blurred system visibility for their terminal operations.
  • Managing diverse systems including Operations, Applications, Networks, Infrastructure, and Security posed complexity.
  • Operational capability to review data on a single pane along with proactive management of their IT systems was halted.


  • Black Box offered support of varied technologies like Cisco Meraki, Cisco UCCE, Fortinet, and Enterprise Network components.
  • Collaborated with cybersecurity firm Cybalt, network management (Solar Winds), asset management (Ivanti), and Patch Manager to maintain the service.
  • A dedicated local support team ensured rapid issue resolution and ongoing operational stability, underpinning the partnership’s success.
  • Black Box offered the Ivanti ITSM framework, which is based on ITIL methodologies to provide information security throughout the entire service lifecycle.


  • Achieved and maintained desired Service Level Agreements (SLAs) consistently.
  • Real-time insights through a unified data pane transformed operational management.
  • Agility and foresight in navigating IT systems were improved.


  • Black Box managed the installed technology along with establishing a close partnership.
  • A customized approach led to prompt challenge resolutions and strengthened collaboration.
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