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In a typical use case, a large real estate player that builds high rises nationwide needs a remote elevator monitoring system. They require the following features:

  • Wireless and remote monitoring of lifts movements
  • Alerts for any prolonged or unnatural stops
  • Real-time data on elevator –going up or down, time of stops


The BBX VISIBLE IoT Platform turns out to be the best overall solution for monitoring the example real estate company’s elevators. It offers:

  • Acquisition of real time data from wireless sensors and gateways from inside the lift shaft, measuring distance
  • BBX-VISIBLE platform to display data on real time dashboard with business rules for identifying “incidents”
  • Real-time elevator utilization analytics, on a single screen, for multiple buildings, at multiple sites
  • Predictive analysis to determine energy management and carbon emission for elevator operations


In the elevator use case presented here, the BBX VISIBLE IoT platform delivers superior results for a remote monitoring and control solution. It provides the following functions:

  • Distance measuring sensor inside the lift shaft providing exact data on which floor the lift is on, whether it is going up or down
  • Alerts for any untoward incidents –sudden or unscheduled stops
  • Elevator utilization analytics
  • Dashboard visualization of lift movements
  • Single dashboard for multiple buildings in multiple locations
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