9 Key Advantages of KVM over IP

High-performance KVM solutions offer maximum security, flexibility and reliability for your network. From a single screen, keyboard and mouse, you can access all your computers no matter where they are located—in another room or another building. You can switch instantly between applications and carry out multiple functions in quick succession with no delay. KVM over IP delivers better content faster for a range of applications, including broadcasting and control rooms. Here are nine reasons to consider switching to IP-based KVM.

  1. Connect anywhere
    Access all servers and virtual machines on your LAN or WAN by connecting your KVM switches over your existing IP network.
  2. Gain flexibility
    Design your network architecture based on your needs and applications, not on your physical location. With KVM over IP you can put your servers and other end devices anywhere—without the need to run a cable for a direct connection. Instead, you can use a point-to-point KVM extender or add multiple end points to form a switched matrix.
  3. Scale as you grow
    With an IP-based KVM system, you can connect to an almost unlimited number of endpoints. Include hundreds or even thousands of users and devices on one unified system. It is easy to scale up as you grow by adding transmitters and receivers.
  4. Save money
    Digital KVM technology uses your existing network, so you don’t have to invest in new dedicated switching devices, cabling and the labor to set up separate infrastructure.
  5. Go virtual
    Connect to a mix of virtualized and traditional servers using Emerald® IP KVM. With IP-based KVM technology, you can make a gradual transition to virtualized computing. This system requires lower bandwidth, making it suitable for deployment across your LAN or WAN architectures.
  6. Migrate smoothly
    Migrate from desktop to virtual computing without sacrificing performance. IP-based KVM solutions provide support for back-racked PCs and virtual desktops
  7. Save space
    Moving to cloud computing can save space, reduce heat and noise, and allow for maintenance to happen behind the scenes. With digital KVM you can locate computers in a secure location and connect to them via Emerald units mounted on the back of the monitor.
  8. Ensure image quality
    Stream 4K UHD video and audio with low latency and minimum bandwidth. Using high-performance KVM solutions, even full HD video can be distributed to anywhere in your network without losing quality.
  9. Futureproof your network
    When you need to expand your network, you can daisychain existing analog switches with IP-based KVM switches, increasing the number of computers and servers you can access and control.

If you have a smaller system, it is easy and cost-effective to upgrade to IP-based KVM. If you have a larger system, you can “cap” your existing system and “grow” it with a new IP-based KVM platform.

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