Top 10 Data-Powered Strategies for Going Hybrid

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In a post-pandemic world, hybrid workplaces are the new norm. In a Microsoft survey1, 73% of employees want flexible remote work options. In a VergeSense survey2, 74% of companies are choosing a hybrid return-to-the-office model. The big question is what will the hybrid workplace look like? The easiest way to find out is to leverage the power of rich, real-time data to create great hybrid workplace experiences.

Here are some ways to navigate the challenges of going hybrid:

  1. Collect real-time occupancy data. Invest in a Workplace Analytics Platform and install intelligent, AI-powered sensors to get an accurate assessment of which desks, conference rooms, and other spaces are being used and how much.

  2. Create a seamless and intuitive workplace experience with a booking application. Employees can see what desks and conference rooms are available and reserve them without struggling to find somewhere to sit or meet.

  3. Assess office space utilization with real-time occupancy data from smart-office sensors powered by AI. Consider:

    • How are employees using workspaces?
    • What types of spaces are most popular?
    • How often are people coming into the office?
    • What times of day or week are the most popular?
    • How does usage change across department?
    • How many people most commonly attend meeting?
    • Are there spaces that are seldom or never used?

  4. Create optimized agile seating management to unlock productivity. Occupancy data helps employees find the right space at the right time and reduces common workplace frictions.

  5. Remove workplace conflict with passive occupancy technology. VergeSense Signs-of-Life™ can detect objects like backpacks and jackets at workstations to determine if the space is occupied, even if the user is away from the desk.

  6. Release ghosted meeting spaces. Occupancy sensors can signal workplace analytics to release a conference room if no one shows up.

  7. Optimize cleaning and maintenance operations with automatic notifications. Automate real-time notifications for office functions such as cleaning desks and rooms between uses, re-filling sanitizers and supplies, etc.

  8. Create a human-centric workplace. Identify behaviors, trends, and patterns to create the best space mix to promote the growth, safety, productivity, and satisfaction of employees.

  9. Create spaces that promote wellness. Invest in technology to monitor and track indoor air quality, temperature, lighting, and other environmental considerations.

  10. Protect privacy. Use occupancy sensors that count people, but do not track them or capture any identifiable information

The Next Step

Explore how you can use the VergeSense Workplace Analytics Platform’s intelligent sensors to capture data and analyze the usage of every room, desk, and meeting space, in real time.

Contact our dedicated team of experts to learn how you can use VergeSense to empower your hybrid workplace and provide a better, more satisfying employee experience and attract/retain the best talent.

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