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Osmo's Cosmos is a glam rock band based in Imatra, a small town in eastern Finland. The band is famous for its extravagant staging. They are renowned for putting much emphasis on their costumes, accessories and technology.

Video is an important part of their show. At the beginning of the millennium, the band developed an original way of welcoming famous performers to their shows. These guest stars performed alongside them on video screens in a synchronised manner, turning the whole show into a staggeringly brilliant and exciting event.


Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the band designed a new show and also wanted to incorporate some new technology. In the early days, videos were projected onto silver screens using projectors. Later, they were displayed on large plasma displays. Now the plan was to build scalable video walls of varying sizes depending on their preference and the available stage. The system should be easy to assemble, dismantle and move, and reliable when it comes to the technology.

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