9 Benefits of MCX Gen2

Create superior point-to-point secure video conferencing, hotel or convention center displays, multi-monitor broadcasts, distributed video matrix or video wall systems, and remote KVM system control with TAA-compliant MCX encoders/decoders/transcoders. Switch video, audio, RS-232, and USB 2.0 signals, or display all of your sources via built-in video wall management.

MCX Gen2 Advanced AV Distribution and Management System distributes 4K video and audio over 10G networks with no latency. It complies with SDVoE standards and includes encoders, decoders, a transcoder, and an advanced Controller that allows real-time monitoring and management of the whole.

Why MCX?

Because AV and data payloads can exist on the same IT network, MCX reduces network management time and costs. This modern AV-over-IP system offers the following benefits:

  1. Provides up to 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 Video: MCX delivers the video quality high-end AV applications require to display eye-catching content: It extends up to 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 video to an unlimited number of displays without sacrificing latency, video quality, or bandwidth. Even better, it supports up to 10-bit HDR using Software-Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) – the latest software-based AV-over-IP platform for extension and control of AV systems on Ethernet or fiber networks.

  2. Advanced Video Wall Capabilities: MCX allows you to display your video wall content any way you want. It offers advanced video scaling options, such as multi-view, picture-in-picture, split screen, and more that increase versatility in video wall deployments.

  3. Zero Source to Display Latency: Overcome source-to-display latency with MCX. This robust video distribution system's glass-to-glass encoding and decoding happen in real time (0.03 milliseconds). This means you never deal with annoying lag that complicates your operation.

  4. Seamless Switching: MCX switches between video sources in less than 100 milliseconds with no artifacts or screen blink, so you can switch video content super-fast without any noticeable distortion to your image — a must for professional AV applications.

  5. Easy, Flexible Deployment: Adding other network AV solutions to your IT infrastructure can be a challenge. Not with MCX. This video extension system is designed to work with any modern network, making installation simple. MCX can be deployed on 10G networks over Ethernet. It also supports 5G and wireless networks with next to no device limitations.

  6. Complete Control: You can control MCX with powerful, but easy-to-use tools:

    1. The MCX Controller makes deployment, configuration, management and system monitoring easy.

    2. Control your entire AV system from a web browser with the MCX Web UI.

    3. Take command of your MCX AV-over-IP system with the tap of a button or the swipe of a touch panel with Black Box ControlBridge® or the third-party control platform of your choice.

  7. Comprehensive Connectivity: You can connect every essential AV distribution device to your MCX through its variety of ports: discrete RS-232, IR, secondary audio channel plus a separate 1-GbE connection to independently route, embed, and de-embed up to three separate audio streams.

  8. Developed with the Latest Technology: SDVoE distributes AV without negatively affecting the performance, functionality, or capability of your network.

  9. TAA Compliant: MCX is perfect also for government institutions and military organizations around the world.

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For more information about MCX Gen2 products from Black Box, go to: MCX Gen2

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