Government Networks Demand a Safe and Easy-to-Use Digital Environment

Wired and wireless infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, secure networks, and remote services – these are the hallmarks of the modern government IT infrastructure. The speed and delivery of these public services greatly improve as large-scale digital innovations roll out with unprecedented speed. Today and into the future, the foundation of digital government relies on leading-edge technologies that directlyimpact the usefulness of your network.

Now – more than ever – it is important to implement new technologies that promote both security and ease-of-access across your network. Efficiency, community safety, and end-user satisfaction will reach new heights by incorporating hindsight, foresight, and real-time data analysis with a cohesive and all-encompassing control system, all aimed at significant improvements in public safety and situational awareness.


Reliable and Secure IT Solutions for the Public Sector

Digital transformation in government is being driven by rising public expectations, data as an integral component to aid decision-making, and the need to access and process vast amounts of public information. The right mix of edge technologies makes this transformation a reality.

For both state and local governments, this technology includes secure wireless connectivity in buildings large and small, simple Wi-Fi connectivity between separate facilities and remote locations in a local township, and the latest in unified communications and collaboration from five to five thousand lines. Trust your voice, data, and video network needs to a proven digital partner who can deliver the cutting-edge technologies you require to lead this digital transformation as your government installations evolve into the future.

Laying the Foundation for Compliant Visualizing, Communication, and Control

Regardless of task or purpose, the ideal network platform remains the same: a highly capable and adaptable system that brings every element of your access points and data storage facilities to the forefront of usefulness with secure and compliant technology solutions. Data must be visualized in a way that enables workers to access and manipulate information without costly and time-consuming hyper-specialized training. That data must then be accessible across a unified system allowing access from any number of desktops or facility control stations by one or many employees – encouraging collaboration where it is necessary but maintaining appropriate restrictions where they are needed.

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Secure and Compliant Technology Solutions for Superior Public Safety

Whether managing mission-critical data analysis in real-time, dispatching emergency responders, or communicating with the public, seamless technology must be secure, compliant, and meet the latest and most rigid security standards to help you achieve your objectives, meet your budget, and optimize your productivity without sacrificing public safety. Emergency operations centers (EOCs), 911 call centers, public safety answering points (PSAPs), and government agencies alike rely on critical information visualization and communication. Real-time video and the sharing of data between control centers and field workers results in maximum situational awareness and faster response times. When lives are in jeopardy, quick and complete communication often means the difference between success or failure.

We partner with civilian agencies, the armed services, state and local governments as well as educational institutions to deploy leading-edge data and physical network solutions including device control and storage, visualization, collaboration and cabling.

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Why Black Box?

Just as public sector management is at the center of all you do, your needs are at the center of everything we do. Black Box brings you human-centric solutions designed to provide multi-user access and data analysis in the most visible and vibrant manner possible. Potent technology bridges the gap between human operators, controllers, technicians and officials and brings usefulness, security, and efficiency into sharp focus. You need a technology partner who will analyze your specific situation and pay close attention to your needs while being mindful of budget. Continual investment in R&D and world-class infrastructure allows us to co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with you utilizing the most advanced technology manufacturer, ensuring we deliver best-of-breed solutions every time.

As in all public sector tasking, trust is crucial when building and sustaining strong relationships. Black Box stands by this statement. We gather the finest minds, technology, and perspectives together under one banner for the explicit purpose of providing unparalleled and comprehensive service to you, our most valued customer and partner.

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