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iCompel® Digital Signage Solution


Interactive Digital Signage With System-on-Chip Technology

Easily build eye-catching signage, stream content from websites, and visualise timetables, events and useful wayfinding or emergency messages. Digital Signage can prove to be a great way to promote important, social events for customers at a POS, students throughout the school campus or passengers at an airport.


iCompel® Benefits


Customizable Layouts

Create individually-shaped signage and video wall designs with video content freely scaled and positioned, including rotations of 90°, 180°, and 270°


4K Resolutions over HDMI

Supporting 4k Ultra HD/HD, it´s ideal for displaying high resolution motion picture, live camera feeds and animated content


System on Chip

Display your CMS based content on compatible SOC-ready screens, no additional player required


Local and Remote Streaming

Stream your content from a local content player or connect a remote content source or server


Full HTML5 Support

Easily create and adapt HTML 5 based content including images, text, HTML, RSS and XML feeds and video content


Cloud Based Digital Signage

Supports real-time updates well as central management of all devices, reducing the ammount of local hardware


Low Total Cost of Ownership

A one-time investment with no ongoing licensing, maintenance, or upgrade fees. The solution allows for lower upfront costs and near-zero maintenance.


System Setup and Compatibility

Fast installation with all software pre-installed on the hardware, no dongles or additional cables required



The platform is scalable from one to thousands of digital signage displays and supports both local and remote content narrowcasting.


Flexible Licensing Options

Single and multi-zone license options available.


Extended Set of Features

Take advantage of multiple enhanced system capabilities like video encoding/decoding, remote screen grabbing, general-purpose I/O, auto-activation through motion detection sensors, and many more.


Digital Signage Network Products


Content Commander CMS

User-friendly and scalable content players for your digital signage application.

Create, distribute and manage content simply and easily with the iCOMPEL® Content Commander digital signage CMS, available in a physical appliance or virtual machine configurations.

  • Create compelling content with the option to localize
  • Schedule for maximum impact
  • Distribute to any player and simplify management

Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Players

Choose among digital signage players (or subscribers) with the features for your application. Or go with the System on a Chip that eliminates player hardware, lowering your cost of ownership.

  • Fanless, Wi-Fi and HD digital signage players
  • 4K UHD video digital signage players
  • System on a Chip for Samsung® Tizen® and LG® WebOS 3.0 displays


Media Player Licenses

Select licenses to add interactive touchscreen support on your iCompel or receive streaming IPTV content through iCompel players on your network.

Digital Video Wall

Video Wall Digital Signage Products

Once you have your digital signage content on the Content Commander CMS, you’ll need a digital video wall controller to make it display properly on multi-screen video walls.

  • VideoPlex displays digital signage content on four or more screens and supports up to 4K UHD video
  • MediaCento IPX displays up to 4K UHD video to an unlimited number of screens on your local network

iCompel Digital Signage Use Case


ICompel Industry Applications



Serve customers more efficiently with easy-to-use, easy-to-update, fail-safe digital menu boards and touch screens



Make your in-store digital signage part of the overall customer experience with hyper-targeted content



Create a better patient experience with clear wayfinding signage and scheduling update boards



Promote a safer campus with digital signage integrated with your school emergency notification system


Corporate & Manufacturing

Motivate your team with internal communication using facility- and office-wide digital signage


Hospitality & Leisure

Deliver targeted content, including news, upcoming events, and nearby attractions to displays located in hotels, casinos, and on cruise ships


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