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Secure Serial Console Servers


Remotely manage servers and network devices ensuring maximum network uptime

Network uptime is critical for most global corporations today for sales, operations, production, and communication activities.  Outages can be extremely costly.  While software management tools can be used for performance monitoring and some remote troubleshooting, they only work when the network is up. For a more reliable solution, large corporations turn to out-of-band management with console servers. Network engineers can use OOB with console servers to reconfigure, reboot and reimage remotely across the internet or WANs even if the primary data network is down.

Console servers are a good solution for large distributed enterprises with multiple branches— such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, utilities, retail and school systems— that may not have IT staff on-site. Network administrators can choose from a wide range of port densities to suit the application. For example, one console server may have as many as 48 serial ports for remote management of assets in data centers. Other console servers may have just four ports and are suited for connecting LAN switches and routers in data closets.


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Product Features

Product Benefits

Out-of-Band Management 

Out-of-Band Management

Allow to proactively perform ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery of mission-critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down

Flexible Remote Network Access

Reliable remote access to remote data center equipment through Internet, POTS, or cellular wireless access


Remote Power Management

Unified power management of PDU and UPS equipment, allowing a user to trigger a soft shutdown of any server, thus controlling disruptions and surges


Redundancy through Automatic Failover of Network and Power

Enable uninterrupted workflows through a redundant power supply and a secondary network interface for mission-critical situations where automatic failover is required


Network Troubleshooting

With VCMS (Virtual Central Management System), you get proactive alerting, allowing to detect faults before they become failures, address issues quickly and minimize downtime



Serial-over-IP Access

IP access and control of serial devices like servers, networking devices, security appliances, rack PDUs, virtual hosts, and wireless/telecom equipment

Out-of-Band, not Out-of-Hand

Product Portfolio

Access remote equipment with console servers designed for superior security features, high-availability, and wireless operation.
Access hard-to-reach remote serial equipment as if it were local. Rugged design for operation in a wide temperature range. 
Connect a device server or console server to a switch, router, or firewall with one of our adapters.
SeriesSerial portsDual powerDual uplinks4G wirelessPOTSUSB ports
LES150016, 32, 48   
LES16004, 8  
LES17008, 16, 32, 48 

Industry Applications



Data Centers and Co-locations





Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Provide real-time access to process control systems
  • Connect to serial devices over very long distances—as far as your network stretches or across the Internet
Finance and Insurance
  • Provide secure administrator access to the Ethernet switches, at any time, from anywhere
  • Maximise the availability of systems
  • Minimise down-time in the event of systems failure
Data Centres and Co-locations
  • Remote data centre device management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Power management
Oil and Gas
  • Remotely manage proprietary equipment where physical access is difficult
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Allow mission-critical applications and networks to be effectively managed at all times
  • Remote management

Cisco ISR 2900 Series Routers EOL Replacement

If your customers have a need for a high-density terminal server and they have always relied on the Cisco 2900 or any ISR router, ask them to look at the Black Box LES1600 and LES1700 series console servers. These devices are embedded with innovative OOB technology and are purpose-built to provide terminal/console server access. They can easily be substituted into new or existing data centers and come in various port densities ranging from 4 to 48. The Black Box console servers are designed specifically to work with Cisco equipment.

Cisco recommends the ISR 4000 series as an alternative to the ISR 2911 combined with NIM modules. With our LES1700 solution, you can connect up to 48 devices with an embedded PSTN modem and/or cellular. The new ISR 4000 can only connect up to 32 devices in the same 1 RU configuration. View the comparison chart to compare specifications.