A large fitness organization partnered with a system integrator with the goal of updating the AV content distribution system in their facilities. Leveraging smart technology, standardized solutions, and centralized content, the organization strives to provide a superior customer experience. Offering flexible workout hours, at any location, as part of virtual group lessons, or at home via a video platform app, the fitness club meets the needs of a wide mix of clientele.

The organization wanted to replace an old AV content distribution system that often failed to work as desired, requiring frequent onsite visits to replace defective units. A new solution needed to be easy to use and reliable. They wanted a unified screen system in the training areas, restaurant area, and the entrance area. The displays needed to be controlled from a central location as well as from the point of access.

The system integrator turned to Black Box because they wanted an easy and reliable solution for AV content distribution.


Initially, Black Box application engineers worked closely together with the system integrator to offer the right system, product demo, and deployment training. Thereafter, Black Box delivered the MediaCento system in time meeting the tight deadlines for the deployment, even in times of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. Ongoing quality checks ensure no DOA arrivals of single units.

Compared to the organization's previous AV solution, MediaCento proved to be the winner that could up the fitness organization's game. MediaCento distributes dynamic content throughout the fitness chain's facilities and connects all displays with remote AV content systems.

Installed in each training area, MediaCento propels a large screen that broadcasts training sessions with a virtual trainer. In the restaurant area, three large displays form a video wall that is also powered by MediaCento. In the entrance area, interactive kiosks allow a self-service login, service bookings, contract extensions, and more. These kiosks are also connected through MediaCento, thanks to its integrated USB and serial connectivity.

The system integrator adds additional services to each deployment, including components such as screens, SoC digital signage systems, cabling, and more to support ongoing digital signage creation and content scheduling for each display. They are currently installed in multiple fitness centers with ongoing installation in further locations.


The system integrator is pleased that the new AV system works perfectly at each location. MediaCento provides high-quality high-resolution HDMI AV distribution over the network from the remote sources to every required endpoint including the large single displays, the video wall, and the self-service kiosks. The system operates reliably throughout a nearly 24/7 operation with next to no defective units since first installation more than 18 months ago, outperforming the customer's previous experience with their former AV system. As a bonus, MediaCento turned out to have a much better price/performance ratio than other AVoIP solutions the client tested.

MediaCento is very easy-to-deploy and maintain, and doesn't require any further training or support after a first short introductory training by Black Box's technical experts.

The fitness club chain is also very satisfied with the result. Their AV systems contribute to their compelling training environment. They experience costs savings through self-service at the kiosks and training areas. Selling third-party ads though the Digital Signage system and the video wall offers them extra income, accelerating the ROI for the AV installation.

The fitness club managers and customers alike enjoy one single AV system to easily distribute and manage content through the facilities with reduced maintenance and better quality with ongoing costs savings.

The resulting solution works as expected and fully complies with the requirements specifications designed between the end user and the system integrator. The solution is cost-efficient, easy to install, and reliable.

Moving forward, the end user plans ongoing MediaCento deployments as more centers are opened or updated, fulfilling their mission to inform, engage, and inspire athletes with dynamic content that is also standardized and automated.

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