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Endless Display and Signage Possibilities

VideoPlex gives users the flexibility to create uniquely shaped video walls with four—or more screens. It enables users to display video across multiple displays. Any signage video wall display can be freely positioned and the input can be cropped or rotated 90-270°. This signage video wall controller supports up to 4K input making it ideal for Ultra High Definition digital signage. It’s the perfect solution to create visually eye-catching video walls that advertise, promote and educate audiences while projecting messaging and content on a larger scale.


Videoplex Features and Benefits


Freely Scale and Position

Create individually-shaped signage video wall designs with display video sources freely scaled and positioned, including rotations of 90°, 180°, and 270°.


Input Resolutions up to 4K

Outputs video digitally 100% in real time—great for displaying live camera feeds or animated content.


Distortion-free Display

VideoPlex enlarges video across several screens and compensates for gaps between displays so proportions are preserved.


Beyond Four Screens

Configure signage video walls of more than four screens by daisy chaining multiple VideoPlex4000 units.


Easy to Control

Setup can be done from software loaded on a PC connected via USB or via Ethernet. Ethernet enables users to configure any unit on the network from anywhere.



Intuitive Software

VideoPlex designer software with drag & drop functionality enables users to easily configure monitors, inputs & devices.

Create Eye-Catching Video Walls

VideoPlex gives users the flexibility to create individually shaped video walls with four—or more—HDMI displays and no restrictions on how the screens are arranged or screen sizes. Users can freely scale and position images, including rotations of up to 270°. One image can be reproduced on each screen or cropped regions of the image can be shown on each screen. This video wall controller upscales input and outputs distortion-free images making it ideal for live camera feeds or animated content.


VideoPlex Product Portfolio



Captivate audiences with multi-screen, individually-shaped video walls. This standalone video wall controller/scaler outputs high-resolution HDMI video, up to 4K, to four monitors per device.

  • Super flexible connectivity: dual HDMI 1.4 4K @ 30 Hz inputs and one DisplayPort 1.2 for 4K @ 60 Hz inputs.
  • Supports four 1080p outputs to four independent HDMI displays.
  • Enables you to rotate, crop, and scale video. Automatically corrects for bezels
  • Supports HDMI and has HDCP support on all inputs and outputs.

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