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Emerald® - 4K and HD KVM over IP

The award-winning Emerald® 4K KVM over IP is a Unified KVM system that delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network. It allows reliable extension and switching of video (DisplayPort or DVI), transparent USB 2.0 and bi-directional analog audio signals across any combination and number of physical and virtual desktops and servers. Easily access both physical and virtual servers— with virtual machine support for VMware® and Microsoft® using PCoIP, RemoteFX and RDP 8.1. The Emerald Remote App turns any Windows 10 device into a software KVM receiver - without the need for additional hardware.

With more capabilities than other KVM solutions currently on the market, Emerald® delivers superior value, lowering your costs of ownership and saving your IT investments.

Emerald 4K & HD
KVM-over-IP Solutions

Emerald Unified KVM extends and switches HD or 4K video, audio, and USB 2.0 signals over existing or dedicated IP networks.