Control Room Requirements for 2019
Every control room depends on AV infrastructure — cabling, scalers, processors, extenders, switches user consoles, screens and monitors, keyboards, mice and more — to enable the sharing, manipulation and control over content, servers and remote machines. Keeping these systems current and working together optimally is no small task, particularly given the rapid pace at which data and AV technologies have evolved in recent years. 

Consider, for example, the switch from old analog to new digital interfaces. In the past, support for 720p video resolution was sufficient. Now, however, a facility must be able to support 1080p or even 4K video streams and other visual content. This shift in supported resolution has implications not only for source PCs and KVM extenders, but also for the facility infrastructure itself. In this case, and any other project that involves an update or purchase of control room equipment, system planners need to understand both the requirements of their application and the possibilities offered by modern control room solutions. 

Control Room Solution Overview

A complete control room solution facilitates flexible routing, switching and extension of signals between source PCs, servers, control interfaces, peripherals and visualization systems. The combination of a sophisticated KVM system with video wall software, AV components and control systems over an IP network or proprietary connections gives system administrators and operators fast, convenient, customizable access to the data and control functions essential to their work.

Learn Additional Requirements in Our White Paper

Check out our new white paper, How to Future-Proof Connectivity for Tomorrow’s Control Room, to learn more about what you need for control room success going forward. This paper explains how to overcome the concerns and challenges of tomorrow’s control rooms, first by describing a complete solution built on a unified KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) connectivity and signal distribution system and then by explaining how all components in the full solution work together to address the requirements of modern control room applications. 

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