Top 5 Advantages of Pre-Terminated Fiber

If you’re in need of a rapid deployment or are concerned about the quality of your field terminations, pre-terminated fiber may be something to consider. Here are the top five advantages of using pre-terminated fiber:

  1. Lower Total Cost – Our studies have shown that a pre-terminated fiber assembly can reduce overall installation costs by nearly 50% (or more) for (1) 12-strand pre-terminated fiber assembly. By eliminating rework, realizing termination efficiencies, eliminating transmission testing, and all but eliminating the need for termination equipment and consumables, pre-terminated fiber can drastically reduce the overall cost of installation.
  2. Quick-Turn Manufacturing - Quick turn manufacturing can get you a pre-terminated fiber assembly within one or two days. Pre-terminated fiber is great to help meet short project deadlines and increase the overall speed of deployment. Eliminate 3rd party suppliers and go to THE SOURCE. You no longer have to wait one, two, or even three weeks to get your custom fiber assemblies.
  3. Faster Deployments – Designed for rapid deployment, pre-terminated fiber cabling eliminates the need for field terminations. This reduces the labor required which in turn enables you to complete the job sooner. You’ll need to do some up front planning, but once you receive your cable, you’re ready to go.
  4. Proven Performance – Mission critical fiber optic networks require the highest level of care when it comes to cable assembly. Field terminations often compromise the overall quality of the cable because of poor air quality, inefficient end face polishing, and poor cleaning and testing protocol. Pre-terminated fiber assemblies should be manufactured in a clean room and go through a series of inspections, including multiple end-face inspections and certification to specific insertion loss/return loss thresholds.
  5. Online Configuration - Ordering a custom pre-terminated fiber cable can be surprisingly easy. Some manufacturers of pre-terminated fiber cable, including Black Box, offer online configurators and SKU building tools. While you’ll need to plan ahead in terms of lengths, connectors, and other options, you can actually plug in what you want and get a SKU in a matter of seconds. One of the advantages of Black Box’s online configurator compared to other configurators is that you actually get a price and can order right then and there instead of calling in and requesting a quote. If you need help configuring a pre-terminated cable, please take advantage of Black Box’s free 24/7 tech support.
Need more information?  Download this free white paper to learn about the benefits of pre-terminated fiber versus field-terminated fiber.

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