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Wireless infrastructure, integrated communications and collaboration, smart IoT devices, and managed services – these are the hallmarks of the modern manufacturing facility. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is about interconnectivity as a driver for agile and lean manufacturing, bringing every process and protocol into a single, sharp focus.

Incorporating process automation, centralized data management, and inventory control with a cohesive and all-encompassing control network means efficiency, safety, and capacity issues will reach new heights of productivity. Downtime is reduced significantly by bridging the gap between facilities, equipment, and personnel. All the while, voice communication is instantaneous and reliable. The manufacturing facility of tomorrow is forged from the wireless networking and communications of today.


OnGo Boldly Delivers Where Others Cannot

The truth is simple: OnGo is superior to Wi-Fi. Designed from the ground up to vastly improve network security, it provides resilient encryption and localized authentication. But that is only the beginning. Enjoy greatly expanded coverage with ranges far outside the limited reach of Wi-Fi with fewer enabling devices, both indoors and outdoors. Carrier-grade reliability allows for predictable rates and ultra-stable performance without the degrading system performance of over-taxed Wi-Fi.

Connectivity is essential and OnGo accepts as many as one thousand percent more connections than existing Wi-Fi networks – all over a single network which empowers IoT technology such as PTT (push-to-talk), AI operation and monitoring, practically limitless broadband access, video streaming, facility control, and physical security. Deep coverage, seamless mobility, reliability, minimal latency, security, interoperability, and quality: these are what you can expect from OnGo.

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    Superior Network Security

    Get end-to-end SIM authentication and encryption featuring localized control and maintenance of subscribers over a bulletproof architecture. The system design keeps data local by way of the synergy between physically installed SIM cards and the dedicated network.

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    Vastly Improved Coverage

    Enjoy as much as one hundred times your current coverage at equivalent power levels. OnGo penetrates more than three times as many physical barriers at ranges as great as thirty kilometers with fewer antennas.

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    Predictable Performance

    Aside from predictable carrier rates and proven reliability, OnGo performance and capacity is unparalleled. SAS (Spectrum Access System) technology reduces interference and improves throughput enabling 25x your current user capacity for service.

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    Unrivaled Capacity

    Imagine the possibilities: up to eight hundred connections on a single cell and tens of thousands on a full antenna. Beyond that, utilize OnGo's superior range from each access point and realize dramatic improvements in mobility support and high-grade spectral efficiency. Large amounts of traffic are no longer a concern.

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    IoT and OnGo – The Perfect Match

    IoT requires considerable bandwidth. OnGo interfaces perfectly with video surveillance, building automation, PTT, security functions, voice operations, facility sensors, and more. Globalized video streaming, such as wayfinding and process statistic walls, also benefit from massive bandwidth. If devices are communicating with a local gateway, OnGo is the superior solution.

Black Box Offers OnGo Test Drives for Every Application

The OnGo Test Drive is simple. First, join the Black Box Mobility Workshop. You’ll receive an overview of 5G and OnGo and learn how each system functions, why it matters, and how your facility can benefit from leading-edge technology. After reviewing test cases, we’ll partner with you in a strategy session. Together, we’ll assess the applications, devices, and networks operating in your facility. We’re committed to honest and forthright evaluations, so you can be certain that OnGo is the right technology for your environment and needs.

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The 5G and OnGo Manufacturing Facility

Build your wireless network now for Industry 4.0 — and a competitive advantage. Here’s why:

  • Top driver of industrial 5G adoption is to improve quality control
  • 5G-enabled factories see productivity increases of 20-30%
  • 90% of manufacturers believe 5G is critical to the future of their business*
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* Manufacturers Need a Converged Private Network — Not a 5G Tech Island

Industry 4.0, IoT, and Advanced Automation is Built Upon Wireless

Wireless is accelerating innovation in manufacturing to improve quality, protect workers, and create unheard of efficiencies with tools like robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Wireless will enable and escalate competitiveness in manufacturing.

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