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Companies of all sizes who want the best value in telecom and networking equipment consider Black Box to be their trusted digital partner. Whether you want to save money on equipment, extend the life of aging phone systems, find a better way to manage and warehouse inventory or dispose of e-waste, we deliver.

Small companies can benefit from economical phone systems ready to use right out of the box. Large enterprises can reduce costs with more efficient ways to warehouse decommissioned equipment. Any organization with an aging telephony system can ensure communications continuity with certified repaired and refurbished equipment.

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Refurbish, Redefined

We’ve redefined what it means to offer refurbished equipment and services. Our services give you a way to make the most of your budget and get the maximum RoI. We specialize in certified, high-quality equipment including used and refurbished phone systems and networking equipment that looks new, works like new, but costs a lot less than new.

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    Looks New, Guaranteed Performance

    The only difference you’ll see between our refurbished equipment and new equipment are the cost savings. Our remanufactured equipment looks brand new. We’re the only repair house with an in-house paint center. We match manufacturer colors, meet custom requests, and silk screen logos. As one of the largest repair houses in the country, you’ll get the same warranties as for new equipment.

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    Certified Refurbish/Repair

    Refurbish and repair requires real expertise. That’s why our line techs hold degrees in electrical engineering. Our system techs carry certifications from all major manufacturers. And our engineers carry all leading industry certifications. We provide technical repairs, right down to the board, something most repair houses don’t offer.

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    The Right Solution

    Our technicians and engineers fix all major brands and models including Cisco, NEC, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Unify, SpectraLink, Executone, and more. You’ll find the right solution for your system. We ship approximately 18,000 units every month and carry an average of more than 4,000 unique part numbers.

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    Superior Network Security

    End-to-end SIM authentication and encryption featuring localized control and maintenance of subscribers over a bulletproof architecture designed to keep data local by way of the synergy between physically installed SIM cards and the dedicated network.

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    System Services

    We maintain advanced repair, staging, and testing labs in our state-of-the-art 80,000 square-foot facility. That’s where all of our refurbished/repaired phones, switches, components, and systems are fully staged and tested to make sure they perform like new and in a real-world environment. Our system services include everything from pre-sale support, system configuration, system staging to all component and system testing, as well as diagnostics.

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    Managing Inventory

    A vital component of decommissioning equipment is managing it. Knowing what you have, where it is, and how much it’s worth can redefine your workflows and bottom line. We can help by consolidating, warehousing, maintaining, and managing your equipment in our 80,000 square-foot, fully temperature controlled facility. Optimize accuracy in your supply chain management with our serialized bar-coding and WIP control. It can also mean significant savings. We saved one national client $20 million by managing their inventory and refurbishing equipment as needed.

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    Every year, millions of phones, switches and other electronic devices are sent to landfills. The challenge is how to properly dispose of electronics with minimal environmental impact. As a licensed Hazardous Waste Producer, we can help dispose of your electronic equipment responsibly. Black Box maintains partnerships with certified green disposal specialists who will properly dismantle and dispose of old equipment, metal, scrap materials, plastics, and more.

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