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Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signage offers myriad advantages anywhere in any healthcare facility — from waiting rooms to hallways and from the patient or exam rooms to nurses' stations. With the Black Box iCOMPEL® digital signage solution, you’ll find it easy to create, manage and deliver informative and educational content for a better patient and staff experience in large hospitals, small private medical practices and any healthcare facility in between.

  • Provide easy-to-follow, graphic hospital wayfinding signage
  • Educate and inform patients about health issues and your service offerings
  • Display scheduling updates along with on-screen entertainment
  • Make it easy for any authorized user to contribute and update local content with a simplified user interface

Benefits of the iCOMPEL® Solution for Healthcare and Hospital Digital Signage


Enhance the Patient Experience

Nobody wants to be lost in a hospital, but most people have been at least once. Clear, graphic wayfinding signage strategically located in the lobby, hallways and elevator entryways of a hospital or other medical facility reduces the difficulty and frustration for visitors and the need for staff to stop work and offer directional assistance. In waiting, exam and patient rooms, use your digital signage to educate and inform patients and their visitors about health issues and the services you offer. The iCOMPEL product line enables easy delivery of the right content to various locations throughout your facility and supports touchscreen devices for interactive self-help.





Shorten Perceived Wait Times

Patients who know their wait time are typically happier than those who aren’t. With the iCOMPEL system’s support for a variety of content — including up to 4K UHD video, live TV, news and video feeds, RSS, HTML, Flash content and more all on the same screen — you can provide scheduling updates at the bottom or side of the same screen that shows a game show, a talk show or other regular television programming that keeps patients entertained in your waiting room.





Engage Staff with Easy Control of Content

The iCOMPEL digital signage system is ideal for integrating nurses’ station scheduling information. Any users you authorize with permission can use the simple, browser-based, drag-and-drop interface with minimal training to add customized local content and make real-time updates to add content that helps them provide the best possible patient care.




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