Black Box Secure KVM Switches Receive Full Certification for U.S. NIAP Protection Profile 4.0

PITTSBURGH Feb. 1, 2022 — Black Box, an industry-leading provider of IT connectivity solutions, today announced that the company's new range of Cybersecure KVM Switches has received full certification for the latest U.S. government-approved NIAP Protection Profile (PP) for Peripheral Sharing Device Version 4.0 (PP_PSD_V4.0). This new Black Box product line provides enhanced security against potential data leakage and hacking in applications including military and defense, government, utilities, healthcare, transportation and banking and finance.

Receiving certification under the strict U.S. NIAP PP 4.0 scheme, the Black Box KVM switches offer exceptional protection. Built with true data-path isolation between systems and networks, devices in the newly certified line of Black Box KVM switches help prevent hardware tampering and safeguard the network from accidental transfer, unauthorized access or compromise of critical data. As users control multiple computers through a single keyboard, mouse and up to four video displays, air gap isolation maintains information assurance-certified separation between systems of multiple classification levels.

Switches in the NIAP PP 4.0-certified product line from Black Box offer filters and the data detection and protection features needed to ensure the security of information sent between the PC and peripherals. They enable reliable protection of vulnerable peripherals shared by classified or secure networks while preventing threats from connections with unauthorized or untrusted peripheral devices.

A full range of Black Box KVM switches has earned NIAP PP 4.0 certification. Two-, four- and eight-port Cybersecure KVM switches are available with DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI video, with or without CAC support. Users can control up to eight isolated systems from one keyboard and mouse, saving desktop space while realizing improved situational awareness and operator response times. The KVM 4K quad multiviewer with four ports enables users to view all four sources on a single screen and to see and respond more quickly to any issues. The HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI KVM Defender switches make it easy for users to isolate a single system or device.

Black Box has enhanced its desktop KVM switches with Flexport technology, introducing high-density video ports that can accept both HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI. Eliminating the need to buy a new switch when changing from one video format to another, this flexibility makes the Black Box switches a future-proof investment.

"Our NIAP PP 4.0-certified devices offer best-in-class functionality, plus compliance with the industry's most stringent U.S. security scheme," said David Isola, product manager at Black Box. "When they invest in these Black Box KVM switches, users can be confident that they are deploying products that meet the latest government requirements and provide the performance and flexibility essential in mission-critical connectivity solutions."

All devices in the newly NIAP PP 4.0-certified Black Box KVM switch product line are made in the USA and fully TAA compliant.

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Black Box Secure KVM Switches Receive Full Certification
for U.S. NIAP Protection Profile 4.0

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